'God of War 3' Cheats, Tips and Tricks: All weapons maxed, unlockable treasures and more


God of War 3 first released in 2010, and there's a whole new reboot of the series on the horizon for PlayStation 4. If you're ready to prep for the upcoming game by going back through previous titles, you might be wondering where the shortcuts to greatness are when it comes to God of War 3. Never fear, we've got you covered with these helpful cheats, tips and tricks, so you can become the god of war you were always meant to be.

God of War 3 cheats, tips and tricks: Start with all weapons maxed out

You can use this glitch, according to Game Revolution, to start God of War 3 on any difficulty with all of your weapons and items unlocked and fully upgraded. This should save you quite a bit of time if all you want to do is jump into the carnage immediately.

First, you'll need to beat the game on any difficulty so you can unlock the Challenges of Olympus mode. Finish all seven challenges to unlock the Combat Arena. Then start a round in the Combat Arena and choose Titan difficulty. 

Just keep dying over and over again until the game asks you if you'd like to instead switch to Easy Mode. Decline to switch and then start up a new game. You should now have all of your weapons maxed out.

God of War 3 cheats, tips and tricks: Get all Bonus Play items

When you finish the game and unlock Bonus Play (or New Game+) you can unlock several items that can be used in this mode, according to Game Revolution. However, if you turn on any of the items you will not be able to earn any trophies. 

Hera's Chalice: This item will drain your health meter slowly over time but never actually kill you — basically, this is for anyone who wants to make the game even harder than it already is. You can find it to the left of where Hera first falls in the garden.

Hercules' Shoulder Guard: This item will decrease any damage Kratos takes by one-third. Find it after you see Hercules floating in the water. Swim just below where you found him to obtain the Shoulder Guard. 

Hermes' Coin: You'll earn ten times more red orbs than normal. Find the item in the pile of rubble when you chase after Hermes.

Poseidon's Conch Shell: This item will give you infinite magic. You'll find it in the same chamber where you rescue Poseidon's Princess.

Zeus' Eagle: This item affords you Infinite Rage of Sparta. You can find it after you climb up the wall to the right of the Heart of Gaia. You can't miss it as it's sitting out in clear view. 

Aphrodite's Garter: This item allows you to use the Blades of Athena as long as you want. Find it by going to Aphrodite's chamber, looking to the left of her bed and gliding toward the item's hiding place utilizing Icarus Wings. 

Daedalus's Schematics: This item gives you an infinite Item Meter. Find it in the room with several different earphones after you solve a specific puzzle. 

Hades' Helm: This item will max out your health, magic and item meters. Find it after you kill Hades and jump into the River Styx. You'll find it waiting at the river's bottom if you swim downward and to the right.

Helios' Shield: This item lets you triple your combo meter. Check to the right of where you slay Helios. 

Hephaestus' Ring: This item will let you emerge victorious from all quick-time events/context-sensitive attacks. Search for it where you kill Hephaestus, as it will be to his left by a small pool of water. 

God of War 3 cheats, tips and tricks: Unlock Chaos difficulty

According to GameSpot, if you want to unlock Chaos difficulty — a much harder version of God of War 3 than the other modes available — you just need only complete the game first on any difficulty. At Chaos difficulty, Kratos becomes more vulnerable to attacks and takes more damage, providing a more significant challenge for players who want a little more out of their game as they prepare for the God of War reboot.

God of War 3 cheats, tips and tricks: Unlock Fear Kratos costume

You can unlock a new costume for Kratos called "Fear Kratos" if you finish the game on any difficulty. Just beat the game to access this unlockable.

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