The hot new way to troll Trump: Snapchat filters that'll bruise his ego


Donald Trump, not even a month into a presidency stained with scandal, hateful conduct and incompetence, is already gearing up to rally for round two. Trump has scheduled a campaign rally Saturday in Florida in an attempt to galvanize support from his dwindling fan base — a fact not lost on UltraViolet, a national woman's organization that plans to use Snapchat to damage Trump's ego.

"Trump may be obsessed with himself, but frankly, he's very unpopular," UltraViolet co-founder Nita Chaudhary said in an email, referring to the fact that Trump has a 40% approval rating.

On Saturday, UltraViolet is running a geo-targetted Snapchat filter at the rally location, the area around the Orlando Melbourne International Airport in Florida. The filter reads, "Abortion Access Is More Popular Than Donald Trump." Which is statistically true. As mentioned above, Trump has an abysmal approval rate, compared to the 70% approval rating for abortion access.


Chaudhary said they are turning to Snapchat as a means to confront Trump and his supporters during the rally because roads and airspace will be locked down in the area.

"This attempt to recapture the popularity that Trump felt on the campaign trail is pathetic, and we will be there to confront him with the reality that nearly everything, including abortion access, is more popular than he is," Chaudhary said.

It's to be determined whether creatively pointing out facts to Trump will result in a Twitter tantrum. Don't dish what you can't take.

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