'Pokémon Go': How to evolve Tyrogue into Hitmontop after the Gen 2 update


Pokémon Go's Gen 2 update is upon us, introducing over 80 new pocket monsters to the game. There are several naming tricks you can try to force Eevee to evolve into Espeon or Umbreon, and lo and behold, there is a similar trick you can perform to get a Gen 2 Hitmontop from your Tyrogue instead of the Gen 1 evolutions, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee.

Here's how to evolve your Tyrogue into Hitmontop in Pokémon Go Gen 2. It doesn't have to do with names, but everything to do with your Pokémon's stats. 

Tyrogue evolution Pokémon Go: How to get a Hitmontop

First, some background information. Tyrogue's normal evolutionary path from Pokémon Gold and Silver and other main series titles is based on its Defense and Attack stats. It will evolve into Hitmonlee if its Attack stat is higher than its Defense, and a Hitmonchan if its Defense stat is higher than its Attack stat. The way this works in Pokémon Go is a bit different but ultimately similar. 

According to Pokémon Go Informer, if you want to evolve your Tyrogue into Hitmontop, your Tyrogue's highest IV stat has to be its Hit Points. If you want to evolve Tyrogue into Hitmonlee, the highest IV stat has to be Attack. If you want to a Hitmonchan, your Tyrogue's highest IV has to be Defense. 

Pokémon Go Informer

You can check your Tyrogue's IVs by getting it appraised by your Team Leader in Pokémon Go, who will tell you the Pokémon's strongest stat. So if you want to get a Hitmontop, make sure your Tyrogue's highest IV stat is its HP. You can evolve your Tyrogue and get a Hitmontop 100% of the time in this way — we tested it for ourselves to check.

Of course, it could happen that your Tyrogue's stats are all similar. According to Pokémon Go Informer, a Tyrogue with two or three equally high stats will evolve randomly. So if you have your heart set on a specific evolution, you'll have to spend some time acquiring multiple Tyrogues to find the stats you actually want. Good luck!

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