'Pokémon Go': Region Pokémon for Gen 2 include Heracross and Corsola


Pokémon Go recently introduced over 80 new Gen 2 Pokémon to the game, but some of those may only available in specific regions. Niantic hasn't put out an official list of region-locked Gen 2 Pokémon, but trainers are already hard at work digging up those details.

Eurogamer has been instrumental in putting a guide together for how and where you can capture region-specific Gen 2 Pokémon like Heracross and Corsola in Pokémon Go. Here's where you can find each pocket monster, according to their findings and some contributions from the Silph Road.

Pokémon Go region Pokémon: Where to catch Gen 2 regional Pokémon



Region: Latin America, South Florida and Texas

Type: Bug/Fighting

Where to Encounter: Typically everywhere. 


Region: Tropics

Type: Psychic/Fairy 

Where to Encounter: Seen more commonly in areas with more water. 

Pokémon Go Region Pokémon: Gen 1 refresh

Additionally, here's a quick breakdown of where to catch all the regional Gen 1 Pokémon in the game.


Region: North America

Type: Normal

Where to Encounter: Reports have indicated that Tauros has been fairly widespread throughout North America in all locations, but there have been some reports of Tauros appearing in desert areas. It's not clear yet if this is a coincidence or if it's actually going to happen consistently. 


Region: Australasia

Type: Normal

Where to Encounter: Basically anywhere in the area, however, players have reported seeing the Pokémon more often in parks and cities. 

Mr. Mime

Region: Europe

Type: Psychic/Fairy

Where to Encounter: Typically seen in most areas, including larger cities like London. 


Region: Asia

Type: Normal/Flying

Where to Encounter: Typically everywhere, though some reports claim Farfetch'd appears in parks and cities because of its flying element.

As additional reports come in we'll keep you updated with the latest news on rare Gen 2 Pokémon in Pokémon Go. Happy hunting!

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