The best burns from Gordon Ramsay on Twitter


Gordon Ramsay isn't famous for being a chef. Sure, he's the first Scottish chef to win three Michelin stars and, despite his fame, maintains an impressive roster of Ramsay-branded restaurants across the globe, but the man's cooking isn't what made him the highest-earning chef in the world

Nope, to earn an annual salary of $60 million, you have to be a personality unlike any other, and Ramsay has established himself as a foul-mouthed, egregiously forward yet somehow still charming chef who has won the hearts of a gaggle of international fans. 

With more profanities and insults up his chef's jacket than television credits (several seasons of Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, Kitchen Nightmares and more stack up on his resume), Ramsay has earned himself yet another credential to add to his ever-growing list of personal accomplishments: Twitter troll

Those not lucky enough to compete on a reality competition judged by the harsh, sweaty, swear-spewing Ramsay are sadistically asking for their cooking criticisms on Twitter. And Ramsay happily delivers. Missed some of Ramsay's best Twitter burns? We've rounded them up for you. 

Cremated chicken

Ramsay could use a copy editor though... 

Granny panties sandwich

Granddad Ramsay stored food in weird places, but OK. 

Poop humor

That description is enough to put you off food — any food. 


They probably didn't even want Ramsay there anyway  — he'd ruin the mood. 

Hopeless cafeteria

Is Betsy DeVos Ramsay's social media intern? 

Hideous foot puns

What's wrong with sitting back with your feet up to enjoy a plate of wings?

Not into the trends

Sure, rainbow bagels look like toys, but this is actually pretty impressive if some amateur made it. 

Parenting lessons

Good call though on the sour cake for kids. 

Pasta confusion

That's just embarrassing. 

Toxic noodle soup

That soup was supposed to be the best!

Backhanded compliment award

No comment on the pineapple meat? 


Sadly this is a restaurant dish. 

Trump inspired

Does Ramsay have a political career ahead of him?