'Horizon Zero Dawn' Metal Flower Locations: How to find all 30 metal flowers


Playing Horizon Zero Dawn and stumped by some of the collectibles' locations? We've got you covered, with locations for all 30 metal flowers that can be found throughout the game. You can use these flowers to obtain mods and other important augments, so make sure you look for them all whenever you can. 

You can also purchase collectible maps from merchants out in the wild that will help you track down the metal flowers if you're so inclined. Here's how you can find them all using said maps.  

Horizon Zero Dawn Metal Flower locations

Here's where you can find all the metal flowers in-game, split into Mark 1, Mark 2, and Mark 3 (via USgamer). Each section contains 10 flowers to find. These instructions are based on the maps you can purchase in-game to find exactly where the flowers are. So if you want to use the map in-game instead, that's also an option. 


Mark 1 Locations

Mark 1A: Explore the ruins where you see Aloy as a young girl. You'll find a door you can smash, as it's made of stalactites. Inside is a metal flower for the taking. 

Mark 1B: Before you're able to have full reign of the open world, you can check out the mountains found in the southwest corner of the map. Head there and look around for a tightrope, which will lead you right to the flower. 

Mark 1C: Look outside of Mother's Embrace and start heading to some wooden houses that look pretty derelict. The flower can be seen on the hill behind them. 

Mark 1D: Right when you're finishing The War-Chief's Trail mission, look behind the enemy camp at the bottom of the mountain when you get there, and you'll find the flower. 

Mark 1E: Look at the marker on the map and go west of it to find this flower. 

Mark 1F: Check beyond the area where you found Mark 1C's metal flower and go inside the ruin to the south of where you found the flower. You'll find an enormous hole in the ground that you can jump into, and your fall will be broken by water. You'll see the flower immediately inside. 

Mark 1G: Find this flower at the center of where you found the marker on the map you purchased. Sawtooths will be prowling around nearby, so take care when procuring this flower. 

Mark 1H: You'll find this flower by a campfire next to it, which is useful if you end up dying because of all the Glinthawks, bandits and Sawtooth swarming around. Find the flower to the south of the center of where it's marked on the map, and make sure you get out of there as soon as possible once you've nabbed your bounty. 

Mark 1I: Look at the marker on the map by the broadhead symbol. You'll see the flower nestled within a few trees here. 

Mark 1J: Look at the marker on the map for this flower and then head to the west of it. You'll find it by scaling the mountains a bit and looking there. 


Mark 2 Locations

Mark 2A: You'll have to really work hard to get this flower, as it's being guarded by several machines. Run in to grab the flower and ignore the machines the best you can and then turn around and get right back out. 

Mark 2B: Look to the south of the flower's map marker. There are two Snapmaws here, so get rid of them before grabbing the flower. 

Mark 2C: See this flower to the left of the center of the marker on the map. Go up the hill by the stream and it's there, unguarded. 

Mark 2D: Head to the top of the mountain to pick this flower up. Defeat the Glinthawks here. 

Mark 2E: Another flower with several machines guarding it. Take out the Thunderjaws and others and then get the flower. Then turn around and leave as quick as you can.

Mark 2F: Head to the top of the mountain and grab the flower by the marker. 

Mark 2G: You'll need to head up on a cliff and run past Glinthawks to find this flower. You can ignore them and run past if you're quick enough. 

Mark 2H: Look in the southwestern area of the center of the marker. There's nothing keeping you from the flower. 

Mark 2I: Head all the way to the top of the tall cliffs here. Follow the path on the map. There's a waypoint near the flower, so stay safe, grab the flower, and then get out. 


Mark 3 Locations

Mark 3A: Look to the west of the marker's center and head to a hill overlooking the water. If you're careful you can sneak past the Longleg. 

Mark 3B: Head up the hill and avoid the Glinthawks. You'll see the flower up at the hill, so make the journey and claim your prize. 

Mark 3C: This flower is found near the top of the mountain. Avoid the Sawtooth, but check in the snowy area for the flower. 

Mark 3D: Head near the Freeze Bellowbacks to find this flower, and stay crouched down to ensure you don't invoke their ire. 

Mark 3E: Go all the way to the top of the mountain near the waypoint. You'll have to make use of some rocks you can climb up to reach the flower. 

Mark 3F: Find another flower on top of a cliff near more Glinthawks. Tired of them yet? You can't really avoid them this time so eliminate them. When you do look in the middle of the waypoint you'll find the flower waiting there. 

Mark 3G: Head to the top of this cliff by the marker and head to the waypoint, where the flower is waiting for you. 

Mark 3H: Look south of the middle of the marker. The flower should be pretty simple to get to. 

Mark 3I: You'll have to take out three Glinthawks to get to this one, and head to the top of another cliff. Eliminate the Glinthawks, then go across the tightrope. You'll find the flower you seek there. 

Mark 3J: Look under the bridge over the stream to find this last flower. 

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