'Horizon Zero Dawn' Ancient Vessels Guide and Locations: Where to find all 12


Horizon Zero Dawn's various collectibles can be found strewn throughout the map in different locations. We've already covered where to get Metal Flowers and Power Cells, and now it's time to show you where you can find Ancient Vessels — actually old coffee mugs. There are 12 to find, and we've got all the locations here for your exploring pleasure. 

Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessels: Locations and guide

Each of the Ancient Vessels belong to a special set with three sets in all, according to Twinfinite. When you complete a set, you can start trading them with the Artifact Collectibles Specialty Merchant in Meridian. 

You can also visit the merchant to purchase an upgrade for your map that will allow you to see where all the Ancient Vessels are. Use that map in conjunction with these instructions to nab them all. 


Wayfarers: Go to the Devil's Thirst Tallneck and head north from there. Eventually you'll come to an area with several different traffic signs and stoplights near a river. Check the pile of debris for the Wayfarers Ancient Vessel. 

Dronehop: Go west from Devil's Thirst at the bandit camp and head across the bridge. Look to your left to find a pile of debris. Search this pile to find the Dronehop Ancient Vessel. 

USRC: Go to Devil's Grief on the eastern part of the map. Then head southwest. You should see a campfire next to a dilapidated house. Look to the east of the house to find a path. Go along the path outside of the house's north wall to find another pile of debris and you'll find the USRC Ancient Vessel. 

KZ: Go from where you found the USRC Vessel and head south. Look to your west on your way and you'll see a larger forest area. Go on the east side of the forest and head down from there. The KZ Ancient Vessel is hidden in a debris pile. 

Arches: Go back to Devil's Thirst and head south from there. Go over the bridge, look to the right, and head right from there. Search the building for the Arches Ancient Vessel. 

Miriam: You'll need to finish the Revenge of the Nora mission to get this Vessel. It's actually on one of the cult members you end up taking out during your sojourn to the first camp. It's a pink-colored item so search for that when looting bodies. 

Odyssey: Find this Ancient Vessel at the excavation area in the City of the Sun's quest. You'll have to get rid of the enemies there first. 

Sterling-Malkeet: Search inside the Shattered Kiln bandit camp by the campfire after you've taken out the enemies there. You should find your Ancient Vessel after searching there. 

Metallurgic: Head out to Maker's End, then check a container on the floor before you go through the first enormous archway. The Metallurgic Ancient Vessel will be there. 

Thunderheads: This Ancient Vessel can be found on the regular path during the Maker's End quest. Make sure you've cleared out the second excavation site first. 

Jomei: Walk along the tracks during the Field of the Fallen quest with Ersa. You can find this Ancient Vessel in another debris area. 

Faro: Go northwest from Meridian. On your way, check for an area with Sawtooth machines. You'll find the Ancient Vessel on another (you guessed it) piece of debris by a Sawtooth guarding it. 

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