'Mass Effect: Andromeda' "Making an Impression": How to beat remnant sub-boss


Mass Effect: Andromeda finds you touring Andromeda looking to start a new home for humanity, turians, asari, salarians, krogans and other races you met previously in the prior Mass Effect games. The first world you'll be working with is the planet Eos, which is home to ancient remnant technology. 

There's an optional mission called "Making an Impression" you can take on if you want to further explore Eos beyond the normal "settle Eos" mission, and it involves seismic activity and figuring out what's causing it so you can further settle the planet for its new inhabitants. 

Here's how to complete the "Making an Impression" mission in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect: Andromeda "Making an Impression": Place seismic hammers

There are several locations on Eos where you need to check for remnant tech, leftover architecture and anything else left behind.


According to Prima Games, this mission can be triggered by heading to the remnant monolith that can be found near the forward station placed near Sawtooth Plateau. It turns out there's some seismic activity there, and you've got to figure out where it's coming from — no one wants to have to deal with earthquakes while settling on a new planet. The solution is placing a "seismic hammer," which you'll have to place at the location that triggers this event. There should be a point on your navigation that denotes where to place the hammer. 

Placing it will make any remnant enemies come to the surface and attack. When you place this first hammer you'll have to fight off any enemies that come to the surface. Then you can move on to the second point on your navigation. Follow your map to find the place where you'll need to put the second hammer, and you'll see a group of people around it. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda "Making an Impression": Speak with scouts and gather materials

When you see the group of people by the second waypoint, chat with them to trigger new navpoints to load on your map. You'll meet with a group of scouts who will ask you to either trade water or mine for natural gas. Either choice will result in the same event in the next area. After making a choice you'll want to follow the waypoints that appear on your map and either go to drill for water for your Eos settlement of Prodromos or acquire natural gas for the scouts. You must choose one location only. No matter what, you will have a very difficult boss battle to deal with coming up. 

Once you go and place your seismic hammer at the location you chose earlier. You'll either be acquiring water or natural gas. When you reach either area, a new navpoint will appear on your map. Head to it, and then fight off the remnant that appear. Once you finish battling the enemies, you'll find the true cause of the tremors. A new navpoint will appear. Head to it and place your final seismic hammer. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda "Making an Impression":: How to beat remnant Architect

After you place the last hammer you'll have to fight the enormous remnant Architect. It's a pretty grueling battle, but it's more a battle of attrition than anything else. There will be one Remnant battle on each planet going forward, and their strategies will be similar. There are plenty of places where you can take cover scattered around the world, and there are lots of opportunities to pick up additional ammo and armor reloads on the battlefield. Make sure you're taking cover as soon as possible to diminish the damage you're taking, because if you're not careful, you'll die. 

Prima Games

Don't worry too much about having to withdraw from time to time, because smaller remnant enemies will appear and you'll have to eliminate those so you can better focus on the Architect. Keep shooting and eventually you'll take it down. When it does fall, make sure you run over to the place it leaves after it falls and do some tinkering with the Architect, which will grant you bonus XP, AVP and a reward container. That will complete the mission, and you'll be rewarded handsomely. 

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