'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Havarl Outpost: Location, guide and how to set it up


Mass Effect: Andromeda is full of several unique planets on which you'll be settling in order to find a new home. But you'll have to try them all out, and of course one planet isn't enough for everyone. One of the outposts you'll be establishing for your colonists is on Havarl, one of the next worlds you'll explore after leaving Eos after you've finished there. Here are some important things to know about Havarl's outpost and how to take it for your own. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda: How to secure the Havarl Outpost 

You'll have to start by going to the Onaon system, where you can find Havarl, which I discovered during my original playthrough. You'll have to go through a series of cut scenes to get to where you want to go, however. You'll be embarking on the "A Trail of Hope" mission, which will allow you to explore a couple of planets fully, and will eventually line out suitable places for your frozen citizens to live. 

Mass Effect

When you arrive at the Onaon system, however, you need to wait for the decision to be given to you for you to travel to either Voeld or Havarl. If you want more XP and a better overall experience, head to Havarl. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda: How to trigger Havarl events

When you get to Havarl, talk to the scientists you meet there and they'll direct you to the monolith on the planet. Make sure you complete the puzzles there and find the glyphs needed to complete them using our guide to Monolith puzzles. You'll want to head to help out the group of NPCs at the monolith there to kick off the chain of events that will keep you on Havarl for the foreseeable future. 

Continue following this path to make sure you're well on your way to establishing an outpost on Havarl. When you complete it, you'll be able to travel between both outposts on Eos and Havarl to check back in on the people you've made the planet a better place for. Keep playing to unlock additional outposts on the rest of the planets available to you in-game. 

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