'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Radiation Level 3: How to survive on Eos and other planets


If you're exploring Mass Effect: Andromeda, you'll no doubt encounter deadly radiation and other hazardous conditions in your travels through space. Most of these hazards can be bypassed if you stay in your Nomad and skirt around the areas with radiation. Sometimes, however, you'll come across pieces of land that not only are irradiated but labeled as "Level 3 Radiation." This is just about as dangerous as it gets. Here's how you can take care of these areas and get through them in the future. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda: How to survive Radiation Level 3 

Eos has a very high level of radiation across the planet. It's going to be very frustrating to get past this radiation when some areas of the planet are places you need to go to complete colonization. There are memory triggers out there that may require you to run all the way out into the Golden Wastes, but if you do you'll find yourself dead in minutes. 

You can't survive anywhere out of the Nomad or a Safe Zone if there's Radiation Level 3 statuses onscreen. So if your AI assistant SAM cautions you, you'd better not leave the Nomad. 

The answer to this is simply focus on the main story mode. Once you complete the key missions for each planet, the radiation (or some other hazardous condition) will be filtered out to a safe level because humans and other aliens will be settling there. This will make the radiation go down, and you can return at a later point in the game for newer missions to go and get new items, memory triggers and other important data.

So unfortunately there is no current quick fix for you to just rush through areas where there is Radiation Level 3, but you can come back in the future once you've taken care of the threat for colonists to come in and get settled in. 

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