'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Save Krogans or Salarian? Consequences and guide for the decision


You'll make some harrowing choices in Mass Effect: Andromeda, sometimes including saving one person's life over another. That's nothing new for the Mass Effect universe, but if you're new to the series or need a little help figuring out which decision you should make in a specific mission. For example, at one point in the game you'll be asked to pick between saving a Salarian Pathfinder or some Krogan scouts. If you've reached this decision and need assistance, we've got you covered.

Mass Effect: Andromeda save Krogans or Salarian? Saving the Salarian outcome and consequences

At the end of the mission where you uncover the mystery of the Salarian Ark, which you play during the main story mode of Mass Effect: Andromeda, you'll be faced with a choice. One option is to save the Salarian Pathfinder Raeka from the Kett who have taken her and the Salarians from their ark hostage.

If you choose to save Pathfinder Raeka here's the outcome. First, you'll have to fight through Kett to reach the captured Salarians. It's a long, drawn-out fight that will be taxing on your resources and reflexes. Once you've finally conquered the wayward Kett and have shown them who's boss, you'll then have to escape the Salarian Ark. Pathfinder Raeka will be apologetic for you choosing her over the Krogans, and your team member Drack will be understandably upset about the situation.

This is one choice that's very difficult to make, because it's clear which race will be pleased with you here and which you'll spend time making up for. You'll have to live with the Krogans remaining under Archon control, but you'll also win the favor of your teammate Kallo

Mass Effect: Andromeda save Krogans or Salarian? Saving the Krogans outcome and consequences

If you choose to save the Krogans, much of the gameplay beyond your choice will be the same as if you had saved the Salarian Pathfinder. However, if you try to make contact with Raeka she won't answer your call, and the Krogan will try to comfort you. Raeka won't come aboard your ship, and instead Captain Hayjer will be there to speak with you instead since he's the next Salarian in line for the Pathfinder job. Your relationship with the Salarians will be a bit strained, and you'll start seeing enemy Salarians under Kett control later on in the game. 

Drack will obviously be pleased over the choice you made since he's a Krogan and all, but this seems to be the much less frustrating choice when it comes to tensions between races. You'll win out because you won't have to kill Krogan behemoths later in the game. So as callous as it sounds, you might want to opt to save the Krogans when you're faced with the choice. 

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