Hero man destroys anti-abortion propaganda posters on college campus


On Tuesday, a video of a man destroying anti-abortion propaganda on a college campus went viral, leading many to wonder: "Who is he?"

Thanks to Emma Brockway, a 20-year-old Texas State University student who caught the incident on camera and tweeted a 21-second video, we now have more details on that score.

"I was walking to class and saw the pro-life people there and then saw this guy walk over there and start attacking the signs," she told the Independent, adding that abortion rights opponents — "extremists," as she put it — show up on campus all the time. 

"These people are constantly on our campus, telling us we're going to hell, and I think [the mystery man in the video] finally snapped," she said. 

At time of writing, Brockway's tweet had been shared over 6,400 times and faved more than 15,000 times, perhaps because — as Brockway speculated to the Independent —  the man in the video "did what many of us secretly wish we could do."

Mic would very much like to know who this man is. If you know him, or if you are him, please get in touch at the email below.