'Persona 5' Kindness Stat: Tips on how to raise it up


Persona 5 allows you to raise several different stats as you progress through the game. One important stat you'll want to keep up with is Kindness. Kindness will be important in certain situations later in the game. It's a little more difficult to raise than the others because the things you would assume translate to kindness actually do not. Here's how, in my experience, you can raise your Kindness level. 

Persona 5 Kindness stat tips: How to increase it

Always be on the lookout for opportunities to raise your Kindness stat. There are several different ways you can go about it. 

You can select a book that's solely meant to increase your Kindness. You can do this by visiting the school library or by finding a book out while exploring palaces. You must finish the book to receive experience points. Also, you can only read each book one time. 

You can also get a part-time job. Choose Cafe Leblanc for an easy push for the stat, as you'll be required to work with people in a customer service capacity like the hospitality industry. You won't get the same benefits from working at the 777 convenience store or retail shops, so make sure you choose a restaurant to benefit.

Make sure the plant in your little hovel at Leblanc is properly cared for in addition to helping out random NPCs when they reach out to you for help. You'll actually want to stick your nose into others' business because it will mean you're going to benefit too! 

Don't forget to diligently raise your other stats. It's important to manage your time after school and between palace exploration wisely. 

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