'Persona 5' How to Raise Guts: Tips and tricks for improving the stat


If you want to succeed in Persona 5, you'll have to keep a close eye on your protagonist's stats. You'll want to be diligent about how you spend your time in-game so you won't be sorry for missing a certain event due to a low stat later in the game. Here's how you can raise your guts stat in Persona 5

Persona 5: How to raise the guts stat

Guts is a stat that relates to exactly what it sounds like: Being bold and courageous. When you're faced with situations where you want to stare someone down or put them in your place, you'll want to rely on guts. For instance, if there's a character who's rude to you, you'll want a high guts stat to tell them off. Guts will also help you focus on studies, your part-time job, and other actions in-game. Most importantly, however, it will help you obtain stronger weapons and persevere through key sequences at a later point in the game. Trust us, you'll want this. 

Like with the rest of the stats, you can raise guts in several ways. It won't just go up on its own, though, so make sure you spend time doing these things if you want to be successful. 

You can read books all about gutsy things, but make sure you read the whole book so you get the points you're looking for. You can also partake in Takemi's clinical trials in the clinic, work at certain jobs or even go to study in the diner in Shibuya. Keep it up and eventually you'll have an awesome character prepared for anything.

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