'Overwatch' Terry Crews Doomfist: Jeff Kaplan mysteriously deflects interviewer's question


For a long time, rumors that Terry Crews might voice a mysterious villain in the Overwatch universe named Doomfist were fueled by the actor himself — but now, Blizzard is joining in on the fun, too.

During an interview at the BAFTA awards — where Overwatch took home an award for best multiplayer game — Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan expertly dodged a question about the rumor, all the while fueling the hype even more.

Terry Crews as Doomfist: Jeff Kaplan mysteriously dodges a question about the rumors

In an interview at the awards, Kaplan is asked — not so subtly — in a red carpet interview with Aoife Wilson about whether there's anything to the rumors that Crews might voice a villain who's had a mysterious presence in Overwatch since the game launched in May. Here's the transcript of the brief exchange where he and Wilson start talking about Terry Crews:

Aoife Wilson: What's your favorite thing about Terry Crews? Because mine is his voice.

In context, this tease could be read as a couple of things: Kaplan might be hinting that Crews is indeed joining the Overwatch family, but as another character entirely. Or, he's simply having a bit of fun and trying to deflect the question without deflating the hype altogether.

Either way, it's pretty impossible to tell when — if ever — we'll get our answer. The next big Overwatch update is slated for April 11, where Blizzard will reveal more about its next Omnic crisis-themed event, for which several skins leaked over the weekend.

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