Debate Results: Obama vs Romney Debates as Told In Memes


Election polls and debate polls won't capture Mitt Romney's excitement as the new real clear politics becomes post debate memes going viral.  President Obama will probably have a good laugh as these fly around. The latest presidential polls show that more trust President Obama on foreign policy. The final presidential debate of 2012 will likely impact the election polls, but before you read your Rasmussen polls, CNN polls, or see what ABC News and the Washington Post think skip to the memes. This got really fun tonight at Mitt Romney's expense! 

Nothing captures the ideas from a presidential debate more quickly and spreads them virally than today's internet memes. Here are a few of my favorite after the final presidential debate.


(Republican Navy Seal Special Operations Commander)

And on a more serious note.

Here is Mitt Romney praising President Obama's stimulus program.

Here is Mitt Romney explaining why the health care individual mandate is crucial for lowering costs.

Mitt Romney snuck in another health care attack tonight. He attacked Obamacare in the conversation about deficits.  The only problem is that Obamacare lowers the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars.  Repealing Obamacare increases the deficit.

Did I say only problem? Well, there was Romneycare. Then President Obama hired Romney's former team in an act of reaching across the aisle. Watch what the team that wrote both Romneycare and Obamacare has to say about Mitt Romney.

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I love me some memes!