'Persona 5' Shido Palace Walkthrough Guide: Tips and tricks for the seventh dungeon


Persona 5 is comprised of several dungeons known as "palaces" that you must complete in order to progress through the main story mode. There's an entire string of them from start to finish that take place during several stretches of months, and the seventh you'll encounter is the Shido Palace. It takes place between November and December in-game, and it features a ship theme.

You'll have to buckle down and work hard to get through this particular palace, so check out these tips and tricks for survival, according to Eurogamer and personal experience, to completing the Shido Palace. 

Persona 5 Shido Palace walkthrough: How to get the Shido Palace map 

When you first start the Shido Palace, you'll want to head through the entrance hall through the main passage. Look at the big door in front of you (that's where you're going to be going in at) and look around the area to chat with the rest of the members of your team. Morgana will show you a map you can use in the area, so grab it and return to the safe room for now. You'll want to retreat to the real world before things get too hairy. 

Persona 5 Shido Palace walkthrough: How to beat Politician Ooe

One of the sub-bosses in the Shido Palace is Politician Ooe. He's pretty simple to defeat if you continually hit him with Psy damage. Keep hitting him with offensive rounds of magic as you can, but watch for him to buff himself up here and there. He wastes a lot of time on doing this, so in between his buffs, you can spend some time debuffing if your health points allow it. It's a relatively simple fight, but the first one you'll face in the palace, so take care not to die here early on. 

Persona 5 Shido Palace walkthrough: Surviving your mice transformations

At certain points in Shido Palace, you and your party will be turned into mice. This is normal. Don't panic! You can't avoid it. You'll only have to be a mouse for a short amount of time, but make sure you're careful with your movements and get to where you're going quick. Certain dangers can await you if you're not careful, so scurry along and get all your business done quick. 

Persona 5 Shido Palace walkthrough: How to beat the final boss

When you reach the final boss, Shiro, you'll have to fight two different phases and more. The first phase involves Shiro swapping forms, from Wings to Beast and then Beast to Tomb of Human Sacrifice. These first phases aren't particularly difficult, but you'll want to save resources and healing magic for when you really need it. 

You'll have to fight Masayoshi Samael and his True Form after the Human Sacrifice phase, both of which can simply absorb a ridiculous amount of damage. He'll also unleash a torrent of debuffs. Keep vigilant with your own buffs and keep restoring health and you'll whittle his health down eventually. Just alternate between defensive and offensive magic and strike a good balance between the two.

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