'Kingdom Hearts 3' Noctis: Could Noctis appear in the latest 'Kingdom Hearts' game?


Kingdom Hearts 3 is on its way, but we still don't have a concrete date for it. We do know it'll include additional characters; new worlds, including one inspired by Tangled; and several other augments that should make it one of the most memorable of the series. 

It should be fairly obvious by now that there will be new Disney and Final Fantasy characters along for the ride. But there's one character in particular fans seem to be clamoring for, according to MMOExaminer: Final Fantasy XV's Noctis. Could Noctis make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 Noctis: Will the Final Fantasy XV character be in the game?

It's not that far out of left field to think that Noctis, a fan favorite from the latest Final Fantasy game, could star in the newest Kingdom Hearts installment. After all, we've seen characters like Cloud, Squall, Sephiroth, Yuffie and Aerith make appearances in prior games. Noctis seems like a prime candidate, especially since he wouldn't be so out of place in a Kingdom Hearts game to begin with. 

The entire reason for fans questioning this idea can be traced back to a recent issue of Famitsu Weekly covering the 15th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts. Within the article, results of a recent poll were dissected: Fans had been asked which Final Fantasy character they'd most like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3, and Noctis was the winner of said poll. Noctis and the rest of the Final Fantasy 15 gang have been surprisingly popular with audiences, so it's not a surprise to see him topping such polls. 


Interestingly, the runner-up was Final Fantasy 13's Lightning, another fan favorite. The Kingdom Hearts series could use another strong female character, and Lightning would be an interesting choice. 

Of course, the results of a poll don't necessarily mean a character is coming. This could just be a fun Q&A developers decided to put out there. In any case, if Noctis or Lightning do end up appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3, fans will without a doubt be excited to welcome them to the world. 

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