'Kingdom Hearts' Agrabah Boss Guide: How to defeat Jafar and Genie Jafar


Kingdom Hearts is home to several different worlds based on Disney properties. Throughout your journey, you're going to encounter enemies from familiar Disney movies — and you'll need to take them out to proceed.

Enter Agrabah, the world of Disney's 1992 animated film Aladdin. (Agrabah is fictional, even though in 2015, 30% of Republicans and 19% of Democrats said they'd support bombing it.) In Kingdom Hearts, the final boss of Agrabah is none other than Jafar, the villain we all love to hate from Aladdin. You'll be facing off against both his regular and Genie forms, so brush up on the strategies you need — as dictated by GamerGuide — to defeat Jafar once and for all.

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah Boss: How to beat Jafar

Garden-variety Jafar in his regular form is first up. Genie will be floating around, but he's more of a slight annoyance than anything you really have to worry about. He'll do you a solid by calling out the attacks he plans on using, and they'll be pretty weak. If you manage to get hit by Genie's attacks, he'll also send healing magic your way. 

Focus instead on Jafar, who uses blizzard attacks and a fire attack. You can dodge either one of them pretty easily, especially by using your dodge roll ability to get out the way of the fire attack. When he's out of your reach, cease attacking and wait until he comes back down where you can access him. Start assaulting him with spells and combos. 

When you've whittled down his health enough, he'll emit a white light, turn into the light and then float away from you. Don't waste spells and attacks on him at this time; look inward to your party to heal and use restorative items. Jump onto a platform close to him and then keep attacking him. When you emerge victorious, you'll be given Blizzaga. 

Kingdom Hearts Agrabah Boss: How to beat Genie Jafar

This battle is a lot more difficult than regular old Jafar. This time he's the bright red genie you remember from the animated Aladdin movie. He'll have his red parrot Iago around as a sidekick, and you'll have to defeat him, too. Iago is carrying Genie Jafar's lamp, which is an important thing to keep in mind. If you try to automatically lock on, the game will likely try and target Jafar, but make sure you swap to Iago to take out Iago. 

Jafar will try to keep you from harming Iago at all costs since he has precious cargo. He'll hurl fiery rocks at you that you can dodge, but make sure you stay vigilant and heal your party if they happen to be injured by the rocks. They're pretty powerful for their size. 

Keep attacking Iago. Once you've decreased Iago's health to about 20% of what he originally had, Iago will drop the lamp. Make sure you run over to the lamp, lock onto it and start attacking it with everything you've got before Iago picks it back up. 

If you play your cards right, you'll take Iago out, which also takes Genie Jafar out. When you complete the battle, you'll be rewarded with Ansem's Report 1 and the Fira spell.  

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