'Persona 5' Atlus Game Domains: Could these 'Persona' spinoffs be coming soon?


Persona 5 released to positive reviews and a voracious audience, and it's exemplary of what a JRPG should be. From its stylish menus to its nuanced combat, it's one game you should pick up and play if you value great design and memorable characters. 

Developer and publisher Atlus must be taking note of its popularity, because a whole host of newly-registered domains related to both Persona 5 and potential spinoffs has appeared online, by way of Gematsu and original submitter Mystical Distance. 

These new domain names were filed by Ryu's Office, the video game business marketing solution company responsible for the very same RPG.jp domain name for Atlus' upcoming Project Re: Fantasy game. They went live as of Tuesday.  

Persona 5 Atlus Domains: The domain names Atlus registered may point to 'Persona 5 Arena' and more

The list of domains are as follows: 

• P3D.jp

• P5AG.jp

• P5D.jp 

• P5R.jp

• P5U.jp

• Persona-Dance.jp

• PQ2.jp 

At a glance, like Gematsu surmises, it looks as though the names could stand for titles similar to games that have released previously in the Persona series. 

"P3D.jp" could stand for Persona 3 Dancing, a possible release like that of Persona 4: Dancing All Night a PlayStation Vita release that threw the cast of Persona 4 into their dancing shoes for a Nanako-centric standalone adventure. It could be that Atlus is finally looking to 

"P5AG.jp" might possibly refer to an expanded edition of Persona 5 much like Persona 4: Golden, the PlayStation Vita re-release of Persona 4. It included new music, additional scenarios and plenty of other goodies for players to sink their teeth into. It's early yet, but with the success of Persona 5, this may not be too far out of the realm of possibility. The "After Golden" subtitle (if that's indeed what it is) could be referential to the idea that this is the next "Gold" version of a Persona title after Persona 4: Golden.  

"P5R.jp" could potentially stand for something like "Racing," though it would be the first racing title in the Persona series as a whole. It could make sense, given party member Morgana's tendency to turn into a cat bus while traversing dungeons, but Gematsu's guess is as good at ours at this point. 

"P5U.jp" makes sense as Persona 5 Ultimax/Persona 5 Arena, similar to Persona 5 Arena/Persona 5 Ultimax. That game took a slew of familiar Persona characters and housed them in a sea of different fighting arenas to go postal on each other. It was an excellent fighter, and it would be interesting to see Persona 5's characters in a similar situation. 

"PQ2.jp" seems the most likely as a reference to Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, a Nintendo 3DS adventure that combined characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4 in a random dungeon crawler with an insatiable storyline. Could we see Persona 4 and Persona 5 characters mixing? Maybe just Persona 5 characters?

"Persona-Dance.jp" seems as though it could be related to the dancing game sequel referenced earlier, or it could be some sort of new game entirely, if not a hub world. If this were a perfect world, it'd be a new DanceMasters-like game with Persona characters. We can dream. 

Whatever these sites turn out to be connected to, we're likely in for some exciting new announcements related to the Persona series. And that's something we can all get hyped for. 

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