'Outlast 2' Bandages Guide: How to find items to heal yourself


You're going to get scraped up in Outlast 2, which means you're going to have to heal yourself with bandages. Luckily, you won't have to worry too much about healing often unless you get on the wrong side of the various enemies roaming throughout the game. If you can stay in the shadows and remain stealthy, you should be able to conserve health. 

But for when you do need to heal, we've got all the details you need on how to find bandages in Outlast 2 and how to use them. 

Outlast 2 Bandages Guide: How to find them


It's simple to find bandages, if you keep an eye out for them. Much like batteries, which are scattered throughout the game world, you'll just have to get lucky and find them when you can. Look around for items that glow, and open first aid kits. It can be very tricky to spot, but they look like large glowing rolls of gauze. Make sure you scour the landscape for them, as they are scarce. 

Outlast 2 Bandages Guide: How to heal yourself

When you get hurt in Outlast 2, you may not notice at first because there isn't a visible health meter. If you get hit by an enemy, just assume that you're likely going to need to heal yourself. It's a good rule of thumb to heal any time you get hit, since your character is pretty fragile. 

If you do need to use a bandage, head into your inventory via the touch pad on your PS4 controller, the Options button on your Xbox One controller or press Tab on PC. The inventory screen is your character looking around his body to get at items you've collected. Bandages are in your right pocket.  Press Triangle, Y, or left mouse button to use a bandage. This will heal your character. 

Make sure you use your healing items sparingly out there.

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