'Outlast 2' Beginner's Tips: Tricks and strategies to get you through the game


Outlast 2 can be a whole different world for players who haven't experienced the previous title. It's drastically different from other survival horror titles in that you don't have a way to fight back against the cultists that are looking to make your world a living nightmare. But there are things you can do to stay one step ahead of the crazies, and for those new to Outlast in general or series vets returning for Outlast 2, here are some helpful tips to make things a little less terrifying. 

Outlast 2 Beginner's Tips: Helpful tricks for getting out alive

Don't be afraid to hide from threats. 

You'll soon find out that there aren't any offensive options for you to take as Blake Langermann. This means you're powerless against the enemies you encounter. Don't be a hero. Just keep yourself out of harm's way. Utilize any hiding spot you come across, and do it quick. It could mean the difference between dying and living to fight another day. Use each of the hiding spots afforded to you to your advantage when they arise instead of remaining out in the open, especially if you see an unidentified character pop up. Pretty much everyone is out to get you, so don't let them. 

Use your camcorder instead of leaving it at your side. 

You'll need to find all of the important recording areas in-game to proceed, so to make sure you don't miss anything or cause yourself unintended frustration, just leave your camcorder up and capture everything. This slows your movement speed down a bit, but just take extra care not to arouse the suspicion of any enemies. This way you won't be forced to backtrack. 

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Don't use your camcorder's sound tracker at all times. 

You have ears, and the game will alert you easily enough with sound if an enemy is nearby. You don't need to waste precious batteries on keeping the sound tracker going at all times. This will just drain a battery faster than is viable for the amount you'll find hidden throughout the game. 

Sprint wisely. 

This is your primary defense against the dark arts, er, cultists. Sprinting is an important gameplay mechanic that you'd do well to master. If you run too long, you'll run out of breath and Blake will slow down again, so make sure you get a feel for when it's appropriate to sprint, how long you can do so, and what to do when you get slowed down. Sometimes full speed is the only thing that can help you, so make sure you know when to go all out. Keep an eye on your health, because you won't sprint as quickly if you're hurt. 

Die to survive. 

If you can't find enough batteries to help keep things lit (and we don't mean poppin'), just let yourself get killed by an enemy. You'll be revived with a fully charged camcorder and full health, so not only will you be able to see better in the dark and be better-equipped to deal with threats, you'll also be able to sprint at full speed. 

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