'Outlast 2' Collectibles: Where to find all document locations


Outlast 2 features several different items you can collect throughout your time with the game. One set of items are documents, which are collectibles you can pick up, read, and take photos of. There are 55 documents in the game, and if you manage to collect them all, you'll receive the Ordination trophy or achievement in return. 

Here's a list of all 55 document locations with help from PowerPyx and personal exploration in Outlast 2. The order will follow Outlast 2's in-game document tracker, which automatically arranges them for you in a chronological manner. So if you do happen to miss one of the documents, you should be able to very simply check the tracker and get back on the trail. 

Outlast 2 Chapter: Genesis Document Locations

"My Dear Sweet Ellie" 

Search the village when you first arrive there to find a house on the right side of the screen. You can't miss it since you'll be goaded to check this house during the course of your game. Head in here to find the "My Dear Sweet Ellie" document. 

"Dear Father" 

As you explore the village beyond the first document location you'll take note of a man near the end of the road staring at you. When you get a little closer, like several other enemies in the game, he'll just run off to another building. Look at the house he runs into, and the door will be closed. Knock on the door and open it and you'll find a document inside. 

"Midwife's Lament"

 Eventually you'll happen upon a cellar area with an altar. Check the altar for a document. It should be right in the path you need to take to progress, so you can't miss it. 

"Knoth's Gospel, Ch. 8

The Witch enemy will make itself known, and the only way to escape is to head into a barn to make sure she doesn't see you. You should be able to slide a box away to reveal a ladder with broken rungs. If you climb up the ladder, you should find this document up in the alcove you climb up to. 

"Visions Come"

Depart the area with the barn you come across and enter a small village where enemies are congregating. When you get to the end of the village there's a bright flash of light. All the enemies you saw roaming around will be stunned and can't move. Pass them by to walk up the hill and you'll find a document just before you reach the church you can just make out in the distance. 

"New Gospels, Part 1"

After you happen upon a very large church not too long after finding the "Visions Come" document, you'll find another. You'll have to open a door in this church to progress, so the document shouldn't be hard to miss. Check the room with a document in it on the right side after opening the door. 

"Val's Secret"

This document is hard to miss as it crops up nearly immediately after you leave the church and enter the prison here, where you'll find people in cages. Right in the middle of the area you'll find a hole to jump down. Do that and you'll land on "Val's Secret." 

"New Gospels, Part 2"

When you leave the prison, look around in a much more upscale area that looks like a sitting room. Go to the top floor and check out the table there to find the latest document. 

"Ethan's Letter"

You'll witness a murder soon after leaving the upscale area from the prison. When it's over, look at the left corner of the small cottage you find yourself in for another document. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 5"

Following your pickup of the previous document, head into a rocky area with water you've got to wade through. When you make it through the water you'll see a rickety old wooden shack up the hill. Grab the document inside. 

"Letter from a Husband"

Leave the cornfields alive and enter a tiny village. Go to the first house on the left and look under the door for a document. 

"Val's Journal Pt. 1"

You'll come across a barn where there's a cart inside. Climb up the broken ladder by using the cart and head to the barn's top floor. You'll find a document on a table next to a candle. 

"Temple Gate Anime Cristi"

When you leave the barn you'll want to look for a statue of a woman. Look down the hill to find her -- she's a very large statue. Right in front of her you'll find this document. 

"Val's Journal Pt. 3"

Head over to the next village to find this document. Crawl under a set of dilapidated stairs by the first building in the village to find this document.

"Letter from Val to Knoth"

Leave the last location you found a document and head upstairs to find a new one. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 6"

Eventually you'll come across yet another village with enemies prowling. Look in the second house with an enemy inside, the only occupied house in the area. Find a window at the back of the house and head through it. You'll find the cellar of the house, and a table upon which this document will be found. 

"Val's Journal Pt. 5"

In the same village you found "Knoth's Gospel Ch. 6," look two houses down from where you found the previous document. Look for a house that's barricaded and enter it through the window. You'll get to the basement where you find a shelf that needs to be moved to enter a secret room. Move the shelf to get to the secret room and pick up the document inside. 

"Sundries from the Sinful World"

Leave the village you were previously exploring, go up the hill and find a generator room. Look for the table, where you'll find the document. 

"Garden Note"

When you exit the elevator here, turn left and you'll see a decaying corpse with a document right next to it. 

"Accept My Suicide"

After exploring a school after the cult members try and sink their claws into you, you'll enter a cave. Push the ledge in the cave to reach the other side and find the document on the desk sitting here. 

"Gospel Duty"

Accept that cultists chasing you is your reality now for some reason, and run into the basement of another church. Look in the darker side of the room and turn off night vision to find a document. 

"Lesson Plan"

Head to the top floor of the very same church you found "Gospel Duty" in and grab the document there. 

"A Letter to Mom"

Go to the top floor of the same church and jump through the window. You'll find yourself in a small courtyard with a baby stroller. The document is inside. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 10"

When you reach an area that has a special cart to push near a fence, use the cart to climb over the fence and head to a village. Find a woman singing here and grab the document near her. 

"Temple Gate Act of Contrition"

In the same village you got "Knoth's Gospel Ch. 10," stay on the left side of the road and follow the road to the left corner near where you can spot a windmill far away. Pick up a document there. 

Brittany Vincent/Mic

"Val's Journal Pt. 4"

After you've escaped the witch in a new village and you've hopped a fence, look at the house on the right side. You should happen upon a cupboard that you can move. Behind the cupboard you'll find a document. 

"Rest Those Bones"

Head down the road from where you found "Val's Journal Pt. 4" and take the first left turn you see. Move through the gate and go past a statue of a woman.  You'll find a graveyard beyond here with a document. 

"Letter From Nick to Knoth"

Right after you open the chapel doors here you'll find a document on the table here in front of you. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 2"

When you find yourself in a room with a woman and a baby, look in the next room after you see her. Find the document on the table in the room there. 

"Val's Journal Pt. 2"

Head out from where you found the last document through the window. Go to the house near the cornfields but don't enter the cornfields. Check the house near them instead for an altar with a document. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 1"

When you're able to get away from the water mill, look for a shack with all its lights on. You can't miss it for the dead cow on the ground in front of it. Look for some pieces of wood missing from the barn and crawl inside that way. You'll find a document here. 

"To Marta, My Avenging Angel"

Look near the slaughterhouse where you first receive the hook. Go through the window there where you were first able to access the hook. Find a document near some dead bodies. 

"Outside Marta's Chapel"

When you use the hook you find at the slaughterhouse, you'll be set in motion to go to the mines. Keep going along this path until you see stairs and crosses. Look by the stairs and pick up the document. 

Outlast 2 Chapter: Job Document Locations

Brittany Vincent/Mic

"Scalled Bound"

You'll awaken from a dream and then find yourself on the top of a hill. When you head down you'll find a railroad bridge that's all the way broken up. Look behind a rock near the bridge's beginning to find a document. 

"Welcome to Plague"

After falling from the bridge you'll need to trudge through the path through the forest until the path becomes narrow. Look down to find a document that the path leads almost directly to. 

"Our Quarantine"

During the story you'll be forced to crawl through a tree trunk. When you come out jump down near a cliff to find a document gingerly tucked near a dead body. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 4"

When you find the previous "Our Quarantine" document, head on toward the mine workers. and head along the creek where they're bathing. Head into the cave there and climb up to find the document. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 9"

This can be found near the previous document. Keep on the path until you reach an enemy near a house up the hill. Go into the house from behind and crouch to enter all the way, where you'll find a document. 

"The Hegemon"

Look one house over from the previous document's location and you'll find a few miners there. You'll have to come back to this location much later in the game if you want this document, far past the crucifixion scene. Make sure you come back after heading to the real world for a brief moment, and check the room you've spawned in for this document. 

"Memo to a Corpse"

If you're going in the order of this guide, it'll be a while from the previous document until you reach this one. After the scene where you are buried alive in-game, you'll need to search around the area near your casket and turn off night vision. You'll find this document near your casket. 

"Gospel to the Scalled Christ"

After finding the last document go up the hill. When you find a camp here, look at the altar. There's a document located there. 

"I Took Your Rope"

Head to a room where there's a rope here for your use. Use the rope to head down into the next room. You'll find a document. It's not difficult to see. 

Outlast 2 Chapter: Lamentations Document Locations

"Come With These Men"

After you depart the school you'll come to a beach. Look at the left side of the beach to find a house. You'll want to crawl beneath the house and then stand up while inside it to find the document here. 

"Old Traveler"

Leave the house where you found the last document. Keep left and swim through the lake. Swim over to a small island on the left side where you'll find a document. 


Look around in the next area where you can find the raft. There are two houses here right by the beach. Look at the house on the left and from there head to the house. You'll find a document there. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 3"

After riding on the raft and having it crash on you, you'll be left by a tree. You'll find a document by the tree here. 

Chapter: Judges

Brittany Vincent/Mic

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 13"

You'll have to go to the mine facility to get this document. Check the second floor and hug the wall on the right side. You should find a document by a dead body here. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 12"

When you find yourself going through the school area again, exit the school and go to the building near it in the real world. Search the building's right corner of the room and you'll find this document. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 7"

When you get past the next school sequence, check the building you find yourself in in the real world. Shimmy through an open space between two shelves to find a document on the floor. 

Outlast 2 Chapter: Leviticus Document Locations

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 11"

Check out the mine after the elevator crashes. When the path diverges, choose the left path and follow it. You'll find the document at the end of the path. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 14"

While you're exploring the mines there will be a part of the game where you ahve to push a mine cart. When you push the cart and near a campfire, check out the area after you're done pushing for a document. 

"The Atheist"

You'll find this document after you escape the cult boss for the second time. After you reach an area that's flooded and you find an area, skip out on climbing the ladder and look for a crack in the walls. Push through it to find this document. 

"Knoth's Gospel Ch. 15"

In the same area where you find "The Atheist," climb up the ladder in the area. You'll find a scaffold there you need to climb to follow some intertwining mine cart tracks. Find the last document here and pick it up. 

Outlast 2 Chapter: Revelation Document Locations

There are no documents in the last chapter of Outlast 2.

Congratulations! You've found every single document in Outlast 2

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