'Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix' Gliding Guide: How to level up Glide to use as normal Sora


Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix features Sora's Final Form, which includes the extremely useful Glide ability. If you want to make the most of Sora's Final Form and use Glide over running around the world in-game, follow these steps to level up the ability. Once you unlock it with Sora's Final Form, you can get around the world a whole lot quicker, according to both WikiHow and personal experience. 

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix gliding guide: How to level up the ability

Sora's Final Form is easily attainable, and with enough leveling up you can also use it with Sora in his regular form. To get started using Sora's Final Form, head to The World That Never Was first. This must take place after Sora and Roxas meet up at the "Dive To The Heart" portion of the game. After that, you can change into your Final Form whenever you're ready. 

But it's not enough to use the Final Form to just glide. You'll want to level it up, too. To do this, you'll want to fight off a swarm of Nobodies while in this form. There's an easy way to farm them if you head to the Olympus Coliseum. 


When you get to the Coliseum, go to the Underworld to compete for the Cerberus Cup. Turn right when you enter and use any of Sora's forms. Exit and keep doing the same thing until you turn into your Final Form. 

When you reach Final Form, return to The World That Never Was and head to the Proof of Existence room. You'll find the First Hall of Empty Melodies down the hall. Ignore the Nobodies there and enter Naught's Skyway. 

Use your Final Form to fight off the Nobodies until your Drive Gauge goes back to one. Then go back to the Proof of Existence Room, head to the save point and exit back to the world map. Return to the Proof of Existence Room and repeat the steps as previously outlined. 

Aim to do this so you can level up six additional times. Once you max out Sora's Glide ability to seven, you can use it in his regular form, too. It's also going to be powered up to the max, letting you glide longer.

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