Lena Dunham Obama Ad: This Video Makes Me Want to Vote For Romney


News to Lena Dunham: Your "cool," "hip," "funny" ad for Barack Obama comparing first-time voting with sex isn't an original political ad idea. 

Vladimir Putin was way out in front of you, and he did it cuter, funnier, and far sexier.

Judging by the video, even notorious autocrat Putin "gets" that his voters want to have fun with each other: it isn't all about having sex with him.

Here's Dunham's ad:

I don't watch her HBO show — I'm hardly her demographic — but neither does my daughter, nor do any of my students, and they are her target audience. It seems to me that Dunham has a few issues understanding the difference between edgy and funny and sick and lame.

Earlier this month she twitter-joked with her two BFFs Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak about sick and twisted Halloween costumes. Really sick. Really twisted.

Homolka — who has been released from prison because she's a Canadian — tortured, raped, and killed her 15 year old sister Tammy and several other young teens, along with her twisted serial killer boyfriend, Paul Bernardo.

Dunham's ad for Obama comes straight out of a slightly Aspergery mentality that seems to be shared by people like Daniel Tosh, who also thinks rape and murder is hilarious. When I saw the ad, I thought, "No way!" 

Yes way. I tried to put myself in my 18-year-old's shoes. I did vote for Jimmy Carter. No one would have made an ad like that for him. So I tried to imagine, what if I were 18 right now?

That ad would make me go to the polls and vote for Romney. As to the younger set around me? Most thought it was a joke or a parody.

Just in case Lena wants an out, here's her excuse. Everyone thinks it's a joke, so she can help herself and the president by saying "Ha ha! Get it? A joke!" and move on. Otherwise, I doubt any young person seeing the video will want to lose their virginity to a voting machine. And if my instinct is right, she'll even push a few young women over into the Romney column.