Pokémon Go Grass-Type Event Dates: When the new festival starts, could we see Celebi?


The Pokémon Go grass festival event is almost underway. Past events brought a clever theme alongside popular holidays: Pokémon Go's Easter event was centered around the game's eggs, while the Halloween event made ghost Pokémon more prevalent. And who could forget the Pikachu hat PoGo event, which celebrated Pokémon's anniversary with birthday hats? Well this time strap in, because Pokémon Go is celebrating grass.

Pokémon Go grass-type event: What to expect from the green celebration and when

The Pokémon Go grass event will go down starting on Friday and wrapping up on Monday. Players can expect a more grass-type Pokémon to appear in the world. Judging by the event's posters, it's safe to say players can expect Pokémon including (but probably not limited to) Bulbasaur, Chikorita and others. In the name of grass, here's Pokémon Company with more details.

Pokémon Go grass-type event: Could we see Celebi or other gen 2 surprises?

The Pokémon Go event is no doubt random. But isn't the first time Niantic has sponsored an elemental-themed event for PoGo. Previously, the water festival allowed Pokémon Go players to catch numerous water-types all at once. It also introduced rare shiny Pokémon to the game. Which makes us wonder, what rarity will the grass event bring us?


Allow us to speculate wildly based in little fact. The second generation of Pokémon was recently added to Pokémon Go. While grass tends to be a typing that typically flies under the radar, one grass-type Pokémon plays a very prominent part in the lore of gen two: Celebi.

Celebi is the Mew of the Pokémon Gold and Silver games. You probably never had one, as it was generally made available if players attended special events. To have a random grass event right after gen two was added and make zero mention of the time-traveling Pokémon Celebi is at least a little odd.

In Niantic's defense, the game is without many legendaries, not just Celebi. Elemental events have yet to produce an actual legendary Pokémon (shinies are rare, but don't quite count). Regardless of Celebi's inclusion in the game or not, one question still lingers: why not have the grass event on Earth Day?

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