'Prey' Incapacitate Dahl: How to complete the Dahl side quest


During your time with Prey, you're going to have run-ins with the intractable Walther Dahl. One mission in particular is a side objective you'll need to complete called "Incapacitate Dahl." You'll be racing against time to take him out so that he can't interfere with your plans aboard the Talos I

If you're not sure how to do that, we've got you covered. Here's how to incapacitate Dahl quickly and easily, based on personal experience and the official Prima Games strategy guide.

Prey Incapacitate Dahl: How to complete Dahl's side objective

The "Incapacitate Dahl" side quest will be available after you make a trip to the Oxygen Flow Control Room. The door should be unlocked already if you visited there earlier in the game. If you reach the Oxygen Flow Control Room and it's not open, you can still get in. You'll have to crawl in by using the window by the stairs or the maintenance access panel. 

Either way, enter the room very carefully. 

Dahl himself should be in the room, so make sure you're stealthy enough that he doesn't notice you. When you can, use your Disruptor Stun Gun on Dahl in order to incapacitate him. Then, search his body for a keycard. 

The keycard will unlock the command shuttle's cargo bay. You can continue on from there. Keep in mind that completing this side objective will put you on the path to getting the "Awkward Ride Home" achievement/trophy, which requires you to escape Talos I with Dahl as the only passenger on your shuttle. Good luck.

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