How to trade in 'Rocket League': Item swapping on PS4 and Xbox One explained


Rocket League features item trading you can participate in with other players. You'll earn items as rewards for participating in matches and other events, each varying in rarity. Sometimes you might get something your friend really wants, or you might see an item an opponent has that you're really into. 

The key to collecting them all? Trading together, of course. Item swapping is a hot topic in Rocket League, and you can learn how to trade on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with these tips. 

How to trade in Rocket League on PS4 and Xbox One

Once you've laid eyes on whoever you want to trade with in the first place, actually trading isn't that big of a deal. For starters, you'll need to go to the lobby on either system and then create a party. Make sure you invite the player you want to trade with to your party. Once you have the person you would like to trade with, find the option to "Invite to Trade" near the bottom of the screen. Once you've invited the person you'd like to trade with, you'll be able to start swapping items. 

That's about it for the actual process. Of course, you'll want to communicate with and discuss what items you want to swap between players beforehand, but that's up to you. Good luck bartering for that item you need.

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