Best Twitter Reactions to Hurricane Sandy: Funny Tweets about the Menacing Frankenstorm


As far as conversational topics go, weather has gotten a pretty raw deal. It usually only gets brought up by people who have nothing better to talk about. It is rarely ever mentioned or received with any enthusiasm, and it's famously misunderstood even by experts in the field (aka "meateoroligists"). The reason weather men are so excitable is to get their viewers to feel the same way, and only in the face of disasters like Hurricane Sandy do they drop the facade, because they no longer have to carry the energy of their own segment. That's been one of the more amusing aspects of Hurricane Sandy. Another amusing aspect has been Twitter. You know, the democratic news source.

I'm quite safe from the danger of Hurricane Sandy at my inland location of Raleigh, NC.  This luxury allows me to enjoy some of the jokes that the storm has blown onto the internet. Without further ado, here are the funniest tweets that I've found about #sandy.

1) Mitt Storm Tips —@mittstormtips






I've been a little disappointed that no media pundits have been backing Mitt Romney for president based soley on the fact that it's more fun to make jokes about a rich, white Mormon than, well, just about anything.


Excellent taste, Mr. Middlebrooks. Speech impediments are comedy gold.

GS Elevator Gossip is one of my favorite Twitter accounts. I don't know if this impaled testicle jokes are as funny as it is sad or disturbing, but you can click the pic to find out.

4. Faux John Madden — @FauxJohnMadden


This tweet received over 800 RTs in the short time I saw it after it went up. People don't like Skip Bayless. I wouldn't be totally surprised if people started retweeting the deer pic from above with the comment, I wish this deer was Skip Bayless. Poor Skip.

And then, of course, we've got Hurricane Sandy herself weighing in on her own performance. Oddly, the storm tweets in all caps with the diction of an NBA rookie.  I'll stick with the tweets that don't use curse words #forthekidz

5. Hurricane Sandy —@hurricanesandy




I'm officially not a fan of this hurricane's sense of humor. And apparently not many other people are either. For every tweet that compares Snooki and Hurricane Sandy, there are at least five more that remind us this is no laughing matter.