'Game of Thrones' drops its first full season 7 trailer — and yeah, you should be pumped

Though HBO has already dropped a teaser for Game of Thrones' highly anticipated seventh season — the second to last season before the show's end — fans have not really been given a good look at any new footage. And since Game of Thrones has now been off the air for longer than viewers are accustomed, it's understandable if impatience was starting to set in. 

Now, though, with around two months until Game of Thrones' July 16 return date, HBO has rewarded fans for their patience with an enticing new trailer, one that is sure to keep the conversation going until the season premiere. Granted, of course, this trailer is really just icing on the cake — because hype for the season was surely already through the roof. 

There is already so much to look forward to in Game of Thrones' seventh season, including several returning characters, some long-overdue onscreen reunions and, obviously, plenty of potential deaths. Still, it never hurts to bolster the anticipation, and the latest trailer does just that. Check it out below. 

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