'Mass Effect: Andromeda' patch 1.06 improved the game's cutscenes in a big way


Mass Effect: Andromeda's cutscenes are no longer the janky mess you remember, thanks to its latest patch, version 1.06. The previous patch, 1.05, is responsible for a lot of the biggest improvements — like the infamous, "My face is tired" cutscene — but 1.06 put some finishing touches on several animations, and it makes a huge difference.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Patch 1.06 made big improvements to character appearances and cutscenes

The most noticeable improvement is the change to hair and skin textures: Instead of having a flat, matte appearance, hair has a much shinier, realistic look to it. Several cutscenes also have improved body animation. For example, in the scene where Sara meets Kandros on the Nexus, they actually make physical contact when they shake hands. 

Also, that scene after Sara wakes up from cryostasis and oddly bares her teeth has been tweaked. Here's how it looked before:


And here's how it looks now:


Patch 1.06 also seems to have added eye tracking, which allows for characters to actually look at one another rather than simply look in someone's general direction.

Want to see all these improvements for yourself? A new video from YouTuber YongYea breaks it all down, comparing cutscenes from the early portions of Mass Effect: Andromeda at launch, after patch 1.05 and finally, after 1.06. Skip to the 1:00 mark, where the gameplay footage starts coming in.

Of course, Mass Effect: Andromeda developer BioWare still has a long way to go before the game fully meets fans' expectations. There are still some significant improvements that need be made to the game's lackluster male-male romance options, its character creator and the trans woman character Hainly Abrams. 

And, you know, whatever the heck is going on with that new "athletic" outfit that turns Scott Ryder into a frat bro. But, hey, one step at a time.

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