'Tekken 7' King Combos: We teach you this fighter's Rage Art


Tekken's King is a mainstay from most titles in the series, though there are actually two characters who share the name: King I and King II. The luchadores from Mexico wear very detailed jaguar masks, and in Tekken 7, this version of King is fighting in the King of Iron Fist tournament to raise a cash prize for his friends as well as his orphanage. 

If those aren't great reasons to want King to succeed, I don't know what are. If you want to take King all the way to the top, you're going to need some powerful combos. Here's how you can perform the extremely damaging Rage Art to quickly knock out your opponent. 

Tekken 7 King combos: Rage Art

Rage Art in Tekken 7 is a special move that can bypass and break chains your opponents are using before following up with a massive amount of damage. You can finish off your opponent with an explosive scene that's fun to watch. You can't activate Rage Art, however, until your HP has dropped below 25%. Your fighter will also begin to glow red. The weaker you are, the more damage your Rage Art will cause. 

To perform King's Rage Art, perform this combo: d/f+1+2. That's down, then forward + left punch + right punch in special move notation. You can find a table over at GameSkinny that further explains this.

Tekken 7 King combos: Rage Drive

Your character can also use Rage Drive moves, which are even more powerful than Rage Art. Your character's life must also drop below a certain threshold and glow blue. You can use Rage Drive moves after unlocking Rage Art status, which is explained above. 

To perform a Rage Drive for King, perform d/b+1+2. That's down, then back + left punch + right punch.

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