'Tekken 7' True Ending: How to see the secret ending scene in story mode


Tekken 7 has only been out for a short while, but dedicated players have been completing the game's story mode several times over. It's an epic tale that explores the Mishima family, and one that culminates in an explosive battle between two bitter rivals. But there's one important scene that occurs beyond the final battle of the game, and you can only see it after you complete the final boss fight at the end of the game. For the sake of spoilers we won't go into what the final battle entails, but here's how you can see the final, "true" ending. 

Tekken 7 True Ending: How to view the game's real ending

Play through the entirety of Tekken 7's story mode. You'll reach the end of the game after completing each mission and separate fight with various characters. Sit back and relax after you finish off the final boss and watch the game's ending. The credits will roll after that. Be patient, however, because after all that, another scene will start to play. This is the true ending. 

If you're interested in viewing the scene, you can do so here. You can watch a few familiar characters from the game interact as one makes a surprising reappearance, setting up the story for what could potentially be Tekken 8 in the future. The scene is about 1:27 long, but it's an intriguing vision of what's to come. Now you know about the "true" ending of Tekken 7

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