Donald Trump Jr. may have just confirmed Comey's account of his dad's wishes for Flynn probe


Donald Trump's personal lawyer says the president never pushed former FBI Director James Comey to drop his investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn's alleged ties to Russia.

But that's not what Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News on Saturday.

Speaking with family friend and Justice host Jeanine Pirro, Trump's eldest son seemed to unintentionally confirm the version of events Comey gave during his senate intelligence committee testimony on Thursday.

Comey testified that Trump previously told Comey he "hoped" the former FBI director would drop his Flynn investigation during an impromptu private meeting the two had in the Oval Office, a claim Trump Jr. argued isn't the same as a direct order from his dad.

“When he tells you to do something, guess what? There's no ambiguity in it, there's no, 'Hey, I'm hoping,'" Trump Jr. said. “You and I are friends: 'Hey, I hope this happens, but you've got to do your job.' That's what he told Comey. And for this guy, as a politician, to then go back and write a memo: 'Oh, I felt threatened.' He felt so threatened — but he didn't do anything.”

On Friday, Trump's attorney Marc Kasowitz issued a statement to the Washington Post saying the president never even suggested Comey drop his Flynn investigation.

"The president never, in form or substance, directed or suggested that Mr. Comey stop investigating anyone, including suggesting that Mr. Comey 'let Flynn go,'” Kasowitz wrote.

Trump fired Comey on May 9 after Attorney General Jeff Sessions drafted a letter saying Comey had become ineffective in his job. Flynn resigned or was fired in February after reportedly lying to the White House about his previous conversations with Russian officials.

Correction: June 27, 2017