What Chris Christie Really Meant, Had the Mainstream Media Not Twisted His Words


The latest dustup over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is the latest sign of how sick it’s getting. You know it’s getting insane when the fringe lunatics on both sides are politicizing the weather now.

And God forbid you find yourself as a Republican in a blue state like Governor Chris Christie in New Jersey. They’re stuck with the worst lose-lose situations.

The far left is so desperate to paint President Obama in any positive light they can before the election that they’re now making things up. When Christie was asked on the air about Obama’s handling of the hurricane relief effort, he thanked the President for offering help, and now the far left equates this to Christie's endorsing Obama for President. Seriously? Did the last 18 months not just happen? All the stump speeches Christie made for Romney on the campaign trail, the RNC speech, everything else suddenly doesn’t count, because he said something nice about Obama? It’s amazing how it works on their home planet.

What’s even more pathetic is that they have to criticize Romney’s relief efforts too, first by claiming any efforts on his part are disingenuous, and then blaming him for not doing enough. So was he supposed to dispatch FEMA responders to the scene too and send in the National Guard? Oh wait, I just remembered, he’s not President yet! The truth is they were going to chew him out no matter what. If he kept campaigning non-stop, he’d be called a heartless monster. By taking a break from the campaign trail and actually trying to contribute something to the relief, he’s a “transparently deceitful” heartless monster. The bias is so obvious it’s almost comical.

Then there’s the far right. Rush Limbaugh had to call Christie a “fat fool” and a “Greek column” for having “man love” for Obama. My own father (who’s basically a Limbaugh disciple and is so far right he makes me look like Alec Baldwin) called him worse.


So now the fringe on both sides have gotten so far out there that no elected official can ever say something nice about another elected official on the other side of the aisle, lest he be exploited by the other party’s fringe and stabbed in the back by his own party’s fringe. Is that the world we live in now?

Some people may shrug this off as “politics as usual,” but I find this really disturbing. I have lots of friends on both sides. God forbid I ever get caught on tape saying something nice about someone on the other side, especially in an election year.

Careless of what the extremists think, guys like Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, and Rudy Giuliani are my heroes. I know all too well what it’s like being a Republican in a blue state (or city, rather). It’s a miracle that they got as far as they did. But they give me hope. What I’ve seen in the last 24 hours, though, from both sides leaves me disgusted.