'Alone' Season 4 Rules: This is what contestants can bring with them on the History Channel series


The History Channel's contribution to the realm of survival reality TV shows is Alone. Now in its fourth season, the show follows seven pairs of family members who are separated and left miles apart from one another in the wilderness on North Vancouver Island in British Columbia. They must attempt to find each other, and if they succeed, they have to continue camping together and grappling with the terrain for up to one year. The last pair standing wins.

Sure, it sounds like an intense excursion, but with the proper supplies, it could be a walk in the park, right? That's exactly why the show has put super strict limitations on what each contestant can — and can't — bring with them into the woods.

What can Alone contestants bring with them?

History Channel has a list of pre-approved items that contestants can bring with them as they start their journey. They can choose only 10 items from a list of 47 that's split into seven categories: shelter, bedding, cooking, hygiene, hunting, food and tools. Survival tools on the list include a hatchet, climbing rope, a hammock, fishing line and a pocket knife. Contestants can even bring a couple items of food with them if they choose. Pre-approved food items include 2 pounds of chocolate, 2 pounds of beef jerky and 2 pounds of hard tack military biscuits. For participants more worried about their hygiene, there are options to bring along toothpaste, bio shower soap and a shaving razor. Once the final 10 are chosen there is no second guessing. You can find the full list of gear here.

Fortunately, Alone is not like Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid. Contestants are allowed to dress for the weather and bring extra clothing like a rain jacket, thermal underwear and a wool sweater.

Anyone who thinks they have what it takes to spend the next year in the wild with only what's allowed from the lists above can email the show about becoming a contestant. Everyone else who's beyond intimidated by the idea can just watch people attempt the challenge on Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern on the History Channel.

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