'Pokémon Go' Nest Migration 23: How to track changing spawn locations after the update


We might be in the midst of an anniversary event for Pokémon Go, but the wheels of migration wait for no one. Following in the footsteps of the last two migrations, the 23rd nest migration has officially occurred in Pokémon Go, which means new spawn locations for some of your favorite Pokémon.

If you're curious as to how to help out, we're here to guide you toward using this fresh start to its utmost.

Pokémon Go nest migration 23: Fire and ice spawns disabled in the tracker

As always, the Silph Road has all the information you'll need to get started tracking new spawns. The Global Nest Atlas has been wiped clean of all confirmed spawns, so if you want to help out with confirming spawns in your area, you'll have to register your reddit account with the Silph Road first.

The Silph Road has also disabled tracking for fire and ice types due to the Anniversary event, similar to other events that coincided with migrations. It wouldn't really help anyone to be inundated with nests for Cyndaquils and Seels only to have them promptly disappear midway through, would it?

Dronpes, one of the moderators for the subreddit, has noted that the 23rd migration means that the Silph Road is only two migrations away from celebrating the 25th migration since the game officially launched. We're not sure if Niantic will plan anything since it's coming a little over a week before Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago. But given that the Silph Road's last event was a Team Rocket takeover of the subreddit, chances are good it'll be worth tuning in for.

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