Latest Presidential Polls: Race Tied in Swing States, But Paul Ryan Will Cost Romney Election


From the onset of the election I had expected Obama to pull off a landslide, which still may happen, but faith in the savior seems to have staggered throughout the states. 

I still presume Obama will win by at least 8%, but stranger things have happened in the past. Do I think Romney can win, no. The "Come Back Team" hasn’t earned, nor swung enough votes from the previous election, which Obama dominated. 

The choice of Ryan was an obvious attempt at dismissing the votes from the middle-class, the poor, the liberal-minded, and the youth for Republicans. Not to say that Obama is for the bettering of any of these groups on paper, but it is certainly disguised better. 

The polls across the states are a different story though. When dealing with national polling, like the news, its merit is as good as the agenda set before it. Every slice of the media has an agenda, and will choose the proper poll that better represents them.

Everybody has an agenda, and swinging votes is really, only a matter of opinion, and if you sway one’s opinion, you will have their vote. Having said that, I usually drive myself batty with polls from every perspective. 

This election in regard to early polling hasn’t been that ruthless in comparison, maybe just a 2% or 3% swing in key-point states. The swing states are as listed: Florida, Nevada, Virginia, the “Centennial State” North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, and Ohio. 

For instance, CNN polls have Obama and Romney locked in a dead heat in Florida, while has Romney ahead 3 points. Like I’ve said, the 2 or 3 points doesn’t make much of a difference at first glance, but if the media latches on to a “winner,” the mass, like cattle usually follow, just look at what happened in 2000.

Ownership, political, religious, and financial views sway the polls. So, whom can you trust? No one. Make your own evaluations from the polls. The outcome is never obvious, but it does help to have polls pouring in from all over. Here are some .com’s that contrast, and definitely help with the evaluating process: Purplestrategies, Politico, Realclearpolitics, Yougov, Usnews, Electoral-vote.,, and The Washington Post add to the mix as well. There are plenty of more places for poll results once researched, and in the hopes of keeping this brief, that’s enough. 

The radio, television, internet sites, and the newspapers and magazines all have an agenda, everybody is owned by someone. Once that is realized we can be more calculatingly decisive in our opinions of being swayed. Knowledge may be king, but in our society, the dollar is god. The important thing to remember here is that this race is a battle, once again of the lesser of two evils: either stop the bleeding, or get infected is pretty much the face of things. 

My aim is not to convey a defeatist attitude, but one of the American Spirit that lies within all of us, and the race is certainly on, get out and vote America.