'Black Mesa' Xen Release Date: When to expect the update to the fan-made Half-Life game


Half-Life 3 may as well be a unicorn, but we've got the next best thing: The fan made game Black Mesa, which is a remake of the original Half-Life, is an awesome jumping off point for anyone still upset that the next installment of the beloved series hasn't even been hinted at. It's even got its own vision of the alien planet known as Xen, the same you're supposed to see at the end of the original Half-Life.

Black Mesa's developers have been hard at work on bringing a new vision of Xen to life, which means the Black Mesa you may have played in the past wasn't actually finished. When will it be done? The developers are hoping to bring it to us soon.

Black Mesa Xen: When will the project be finished?

Developer Crowbar Collective has stated that their vision of the alien world of Xen is targeting a December release, which is something they've quoted as a "do or die deadline," since the game was supposedly meant to be out by now.

The bizarre world of Xen will only be available to anyone who purchased the paid version of Black Mesa. It will also introduce additional augments, like a new dynamic lighting system and other alterations meant to make Black Mesa the best it can be. It is a remake, after all.

If you're interested in further exploring the world that Valve set out but didn't quite finish all the way, make sure to check out this fan creation. You'll come out with a whole new appreciation for fanmade games.

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