'Beyond Good and Evil 2' Gameplay: See what the beta might look like on release date


If you were dazzled by everything the surprise announcement of Beyond Good and Evil 2 had to offer during Ubisoft's E3 2017 presentation, you're not alone. Fans patiently awaiting a new installment were collectively excited beyond all belief when the trailer debuted. Now there's another reason to get excited: A big chunk of gameplay with a video narrated by video game designer and creative director Michel Ancel, whose brainchild is Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Footage: What to expect

The latest video shows off some absolutely gorgeous landscapes and other tidbits that you'll see in the game. The trailer we saw during E3 2017 was relegated to mainly pre-rendered video, but this trailer features footage of the game actually being played.

The video, as you can see, is fifteen minutes and acts essentially as a tech demo. Comparisons could be drawn to No Man's Sky (cheekily calling it "No Monkey's Sky") or even Mass Effect, with what's on offer.

You'll be able to fly smaller spaceships from within your "mothership," as seen in the video, and explore wherever you want to go with a special jetpack. This game looks to be quite massive, allowing you to go pretty much anywhere you see on the horizon in front of you.

There's even a day and night cycle that follows the rotations of the planets in-game and a whole torrent of other nuanced design decisions that make it seem as though Beyond Good & Evil 2 could be unlike any other similar game we've seen before, at least in terms of original content and ambition.

There's no concrete release date for the game just yet, but we'll keep you updated if that changes in the future.

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