New Nintendo 2DS XL Review Roundup: What the critics say the system will be like on release date


The Nintendo 2DS XL is touching down in July, but several reviewers have had their hands on the system for quite some time now, and it looks like the praise is rolling in. The newest addition to the Nintendo family of handhelds is a svelte and slim version of the 3DS you're used to, of course there's no 3D this time around.

The unit itself doesn't drop until July 28, but if you're curious as to what you can expect until then, have a taste of some of what the critics are saying about Nintendo's new addition to its ever-growing handheld collection.

Nintendo 2DS XL: What critics think

Eurogamer's Thomas Morgan calls the Nintendo 2DS XL "robust" with some aesthetically pleasing touches, and a "genuine advantage in terms of size and weight." Morgan found the top screen "colorful and punchy" and found no "perceptible cutbacks to battery life." He found the "noticeably lighter profile" a boon as well, and summed up the 2DS XL's debut as a "respectable way to enjoy the 3DS' massive library of excellent software."

IGN's Jose Otero found that fans who had already upgraded to a New Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo Switch may be "understandably less excited" about the new handheld or its looks, but praised the system for Nintendo having "moved the Game Card and the MicroSDHC slots to a much better location." Otero found the system "a neat upgrade" for anyone who's still chugging along with a 3DS or 2DS as well.

Destructoid's Dennis Carden found that the console felt "remarkably solid," and got the impression that "a lot of thought and attention went into the construction of the New 2DS XL." He praised it as one of the "cleanest-looking 3DS consoles yet" despite a few issues with stylus length among other things, stating that the console "does have numerous setbacks that should be taken into consideration."

The Verge's Chaim Gartenberg found that the 2DS XL is "the 3DS that always should have been," praising the sturdiness of the unit, and stating that the "plastic is a sturdy matte similar to the Switch" and commenting that "the top of the case has a great tactile striped texture." Gartenberg believes that the New 2DS XL "shows the company doesn’t need to double down on gimmicks" and reasons that "this is the best 3DS the company has made yet" without even having to be 3D.

Nintendo 2DS XL: The verdict

All in all, it appears critics are universally praising some aspects of the handheld while showing a little frustration with some parts of the device. Critics seem to love the smaller, thinner design but do take issue with some of the lack of features, namely the idea that anyone who already has a Nintendo 3DS XL or a 3DS may not want to upgrade. If you're still looking to decide on whether or not you want to make the purchase, you can look forward to our review of the handheld, coming soon.

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