Presidential Polls 2012: Vodka Drinkers Like Obama, Whiskey and Rum Drinkers Like Romney


Engage is at it again, this time bringing us "The Politics of Booze."

Using data from Engage's Trendsetter app, a tool that coss-references polling data with influence and page "likes" from Facebook, Engage measured turnout by affinity towards politics and politicans. The overall assumption was that a "like" is equvialant to a vote on Nov. 6.

According to an infographic they released, Budweiser and Dos Equis beer have the largest Facebook audiences out of all brands used in the study. Budweiser fans have the lowest voter turnout percentage while Yellow Tail wine fans have the highest voter turnout percentage.

Fans who "like" Ciroc Vodka or Hennessy Cognac are more likely to vote for Barack Obama next Tuesday, while fans who "like" Jim Beam bourbon, Jack Daniels whiskey, or Captain Morgan rum are more likely to vote for Mitt Romney. According to Engage, the most moderate drink choices are Blue Moon beer or Bacardi rum.

"The Politics of Drinking" is one of last infographics being released by Engage in the final week before Election Day. Others have included: "The Politics of Movies and Music," "The Politics of TV Shows and TV Networks," and "The Politics of Food Chains and Food Brands" (see below).

With the implications of Tuesday's verdict high on everyone's minds, it probably won't matter which party a drink is affiliated with.




Food brands: