Wisconsin Election Results LIVE: Paul Ryan Could Give a Big Boost to Mitt Romney


Paul Ryan's home state of Wisconsin holds 10 electoral college votes and is an important midwest swing state this presidential election. Mitt Romney certainly chose Paul Ryan to give him a shot at taking the swing state away from Barack Obama who won the state 56.2% to 42.3% against John McCain in 2008.

With every electoral college vote being important for this election, a Wisconsin win is important for both President Obama and Governor Romney to make it into the White House in 2013.Will Mitt Romney's VP pick give him the upper hand in Wisconsin or will Barack Obama win the state again in 2012?

PolicyMic will be covering the 2012 election from the state of Wisconsin live. For live updates, bookmark and refresh this page.

Update 9:41pm

While Wisconsin is now called for Obama, there is still plenty of coverage going on. I'll be covering the returns in Nevada here!

Update 9:30pm

More Wisconsin numbers show why Fox News is calling it for Obama. It appears that Paul Ryan just wasn't enough to carry this swing state for Governor Romney:

Update 9:26pm

Foxnews just called Wisconsin for Obama! That is another 10 electoral college votes for Obama should it hold and is another blow to the Romney campaign. Assuming this call holds, Romney will have lost both his and his VP's home states.

Update 9:25pm

Another county reporting in WI. Romney keeps his lead steady:

Update 9:22pm

With PA falling to Obama early, Erickson is already calling this race for Obama it seems:

Update 9:16pm

PA goes Obama, a huge upset for Romney. More WI numbers coming in:

Update 9:12pm

First Wisconsin numbers have Obama up 9 points

Update 9:10pm

Still waiting returns from Wisconsin. Interesting side note, Fox News live broadcast shows electoral vote count at 149 Romney, 127 Obama. Online they show 154 Romney, 123 Obama. Right hand isn't talking to the left hand.

Update 9:05pm

Erick Erickson of redstate.com is not impressed with Romney losing his home state:

Update 9:00pm

Wisconsin polls are now closed. Lots of calls this hour. One upset for Romney is that he loses his home state of Michigan. Wisconsin is still too close to call:

Update 8:48pm

In 12 minutes the polls close in 19 states including Wisconsin.

Update 8:38pm

Did the rape comment hurt Mourdock in Indiana? There is evidence that it did!

Update 8:34pm

Quick Ohio update from my favorite Washington reporter Jamie Dupree:

Update 8:30pm

Bill Clinton's home state of Arkansas now in Romney's column. Electoral count sits at 88 Romney, 78 Obama.

Update 8:26pm

Update 8:18pm

Tennessee goes to Romney. Again no surprise. Electoral count is now 82 Romney, 78 Obama.

Update 8:17pm

Mitt Romney up 19 points in Virginia, but we are still waiting for results from the DC suburbs.

Update 8:04pm

Big calls this hour! Obama projected to win CT, DE, DC, IL, ME, MD, MA, NJ, RI, and VT. Romney will take AL, GA, IN, KY, MS, OK, SC, and WV. Electoral count now at 78 for Obama, 71 for Romney.

Update 8:00pm

One hour to go until polls close in Wisconsin!

Update 7:54pm

My homes state of Georgia goes for Romney putting him up 49 to 3 versus Obama.

Update 7:40pm

South Carolina now called for Mitt Romney. Electoral count at 33 Romney, 3 Obama.

Update 7:33pm

WV is now solidly in Romney's column putting his electoral vote total to 24.

Update 7:30pm

Polls in the key swing state of Ohio have closed! It will be a while though until we have an idea what is going on there.

Update 7:18pm

One thing to look out for in the swing states will be the carry of third party candidates. Gary Johnson in particular could pick off enough of the vote to give President Obama the win if the race is close.

Update 7:10pm

The first round of polls have closed across the nation. So far there isn't much to report. Races have been called in Kentucky and Indiana for Governor Romney and Vermont for President Obama. That puts the electoral count at 19 for Romney, and 3 for Obama.