‘GTA Online’ Pegassi Torero Update: This flashy new sports car is available now

Need a sweet new ride in GTA Online? Don’t settle for something boring when the Pegassi Torero is available now. This gorgeous ‘80s-centric sports car is available in-game at Legendary Motorsport to remind you how hard everything in that bygone era rocked — and it’s gonna do it loud and in bright, screaming neon.

GTA Online Pegassi Torero: Own the streets in this classic sports car

Announced Wednesday via Rockstar Games’ official blog, you can get your hands on the Torero right now with 25% off of engine upgrades through Monday.

It comes in eight different colors and costs $998,000. But it looks so sick. Check it out in action below.

So if you’re going through your midlife crisis, as the blog puts it, this might be the car for you. More specifically, if you like cruising down the road looking awesome, and you can afford the car in-game, you might want to head into GTA Online and make it yours today.

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