9 companies that offer part-time jobs with health insurance


What would you say if an employer would let you work part-time, and also offered health insurance? What if they would pay you a decent wage and provided coverage to your domestic partner, too?

In a world where side hustles and part-time gigs are becoming the norm, finding an employer who not only pays you fairly — but also offers health care — can be a necessity to making ends meet. And working for someone who also recognizes your domestic partnership with health care coverage: Well, that’s just gold.

Before you get too excited, do consider your salary and compare the premiums you would pay for insurance through your employer versus through the Affordable Healthcare Act exchanges. Because of uncertainty (not to mention political pressures), ACA premiums for the “silver” plan may increase by 18% in 2018, health care consulting company Avalere says, which may leave workers wondering where to find the least expensive plan.

“The debate over the Affordable Care Act and cost-sharing reduction funding casts uncertainty over the market,” Dan Mendelson, president of Avalere, said in a release. “But despite all of this activity, the vast majority of consumers will still have commercial exchange options in 2018.”

So weigh potential costs: If you have a choice to make, find out if your doctor accepts either of your potential plans, estimate your health care needs — including whether you hit your deductible last year — and then do a little math, as Money suggests. Multiply each plan’s monthly premiums by 12, and add in your out-of-pocket maximum. The total should represent what you’d pay, worst case scenario, if you had a medical crisis during the year.

To give you a few options, Mic found nine companies that offer health insurance to part-time workers, starting from a list from Glassdoor of companies hiring part-time workers — a few even include health coverage for domestic partnerships. Here are the employers, which all pay at least $9 an hour, ranked from lowest to highest pay.

9. Chipotle

Part-time hourly pay: $9

Health insurance details: Part-time restaurant workers have access to health benefits, which include medical, dental and vision. Plus domestic partners and same sex spouses can receive coverage.

8. Lowes

Part-time hourly pay: $9 to $10

Health insurance details: Employees who work part-time are eligible for a part-time medical plan, pharmacy discount card, vision, dental and more.

7. Publix

Part-time hourly pay: $9.33

Health insurance details: Group health plan for part-time employees includes prescription benefits, plus group vision, dental, as well as free flu shots.

6. Wegmans Food Markets

Part-time hourly pay: $10 to $11

Health insurance details: Part-time employees can choose between two health plans, which includes a PPO and HSP plan.

Alex Brandon/AP

5. UPS

Part-time hourly pay: $10 to $13

Health insurance details: If you work 225 hours or more during a three month period, you are eligible for health insurance, vision, dental, hearing coverage and more.

4. State Farm

Part-time hourly pay: $11 to $12

Health insurance details: Part-time workers are eligible to receive medical benefits, which include a choice between PPO and HMO plan, along with vision and dental.

3. Container Store

Part-time hourly pay: $12.06

Health insurance details: Both full-time and part-time employees receive medical, dental and vision benefits. Coverage is available for common law and domestic partners, AOL Finance says.

2. Syracuse University

Part-time hourly pay: $12 to $16

Health insurance details: Regular staff employees are eligible for health insurance if they work least 37.5 hours per week during the school’s academic year or a minimum of 20 hours a week for 12 months. Domestic partners and children under age 26 are also eligible for coverage.

1. Amazon

Part-time hourly pay: $13 to $17

Health insurance details: Part-time employees earn medical, dental and vision after 90 days of employment. Amazon extends health insurance benefits to domestic partners of full-time employees.

Julio Cortez/AP

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