Latest Presidential Polls: Race Tied, But Here Are 5 Reason Obama Deserves Your Vote


Presidential polls for the 2012 election look murkier and murkier. Florida is a key battleground state, and several polls released on Monday put the state as too close to call.  

Public Policy Polls's latest polls shows President Obama leading 50% to Romney's 49%. Insider Advantage shows Romney up 52% to 47% for Obama. On Sunday,, Reuters Ipsos poll showed a tie. YouGov polling showed 48% Romney to 47% President Obama. Most polls have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%, so the race is pretty much dead even in Florida and 29 electoral votes are up for grabs. Real Clear Politics average of all general election national polls shows Obama leading by 0.4%. Right now, this is a tie.

For me, the decision of who to vote for is 100% clear. President Obama's leadership over the past four years has created some amazing results. Here are the top five reasons I'll be voting for President Obama:         

1. The Turnaround.

We were losing 839,000 jobs per month when President Obama took office. In October, we gained 183,000 jobs in one month. While we wish it were more, this was a 1 million job per month difference from before Obama's leadership to the positive results of Obama's leadership. The turnaround happened rapidly, and I believe averted Depression 2.0. I believe this makes President Obama an American hero. Read more on how Obama stopped the economic freefall.

2. Job trends are all headed in the right direction.

Every month, we are adding jobs and the economy is gaining steam. Unemployment has come down from over 10% on a steady trend down to 7.9%. The pace that we are adding jobs was faster than that of any recent advanced economy recovering from a financial crisis. This month, we reached a point where we have more jobs now than we lost in the crisis. This occurred in just under four years. The average for an advanced economy to reach this point is 16 years. View the job trends which I believe earn President Obama a second term here.

3. Top of the line foreign policy.

While we all know President Obama's leadership nabbed Bin Laden and wrecked Al Qaeda, there is an even larger victory most are not speaking of. President Obama led an entire year of negotiations with Russia that generated the New Start Treaty. In the largest diplomatic accomplishment with Russia since the Cold War, Obama convinced Russia to slash it's nuclear arsenal in half with U.S. monitors on the ground. View videos of Obama and the Russian prime minister as the agreement was signed and read more about it here.   

4. Results in business startups, exports, and the auto company restructuring.

President Obama launched Startup America, which aimed to remove all impediments to startups being successful. It also provided mentorship for new businesses so they would succeed. At the same time, he launched the National Export Initiative, which is ahead of schedule to double U.S. exports by the end of 2014. Read more about the National Export Initiative here. View a video of how President Obama helped entrepreneurs with Startup America here.

5. Great results towards energy independence.

For the past several decades, the United States has not had a coherent energy policy.  President Obama took an all of the above approach that will impact us in major ways. Oil production is the highest it has been and natural gas production is at record levels. Natural gas is being shifted into power plants, replacing coal, because it has become so inexpensive.  We've seen a 12% drop in climate changing emmissions at power plants for this reason.

The President negotiated with automakers and they agreed to double the miles per gallon that we get from cars. This is already phasing in and will be complete within a decade.  You'll only have to fill up your car half the times you do today. This will greatly reduce our demand for foreign oil.

The biggest achievements are coming from investments in biofuels and other energy sources. One biofuel called Isobutanol is a "drop in fuel." It can be dropped into any engine and used without changes in technology. It can be refined in ethanol refineries and gets 30% more miles per gallon than ethanol. It is produced inside a bacteria so, unlike ethanol, there is no food crop used in the production. Ethanol uses corn, which spikes the price of corn and leaders farmers to produce that rather than other foods. Several hundred million barrels of isobutanol will be produced next year. Two companies Gevo and Butamax are converting ethanol plants as we speak to produce this home grown fuel.


Our economy is steadily growing. All jobs measures are trending in the positive direction.  America is more secure as terrorists have been removed and agreements with Russia reduce the danger of nuclear arms falling into other countries hands. Lastly, as we shift to a broader base of cleaner fuels, we are getting better fuel economy, and on track to replace foreign oil entirely with isobutanol. 

The shift to isobutanol will stop America from sending 700 billion dollars overseas to buy oil from people who don't like us. We will be buying home grown energy to put in our cars.  This money will stay here and hundreds of billions will be circulating through a new American energy economy. This will dramatically grow our economy as it kicks in.

President Obama has my vote. I am 100% clear that when I enter the polling booth I will cast my ballot to continue on this course where everything is moving forwards.