New Jersey 2012 Election Results LIVE: How Will Hurricane Sandy Aftermath Affect Election


In New Jersey, this year's presidential election finds itself nudged between the brutally destructive Hurricane Sandy and an impending Nor'easter on Wednesday. But the race to the White House must go on. Follow along to see the latest numbers coming from New Jersey as we await the final election results. 

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1:48 AM Yes, people in other countries ARE fighting for the right to argue- SYRIA! 

1:39 AM Obama takes us forward!

1:33 AM The President will speak at any moment now...

12:56 AM Romney speaks: "Ann would have made a great first lady." 

12:36 AM Popular vote is indicative of how divided this country is.

12:02 AM Awaiting President Obama's remarks on re-election. 

11:56 PM Popular vote tied. 

11:54 PM

11:39 PM Now I can sleep in peace...

11:27 PM


11:23 PM


11:20 PM CNNprojects OBAMA WIN!!!

11:06 PM CNN projects that Democrats will keep control of the Senate. 

10:45 PM Florida, Florida, Florida! 

10:37 PM CNN analyst David Gergen: "Clearly we have a very divided country." 

10:32 PM 52% of votes in so far for NJ. Obama leads 58%

10:24 PM While we wait, take a look at the money race to the White House. 

10:05 PM WSJ 

10:00 PM


9:55 PM NJ blue so far but awaiting official count! CNN

9:49 PM Here's NJ votes so far. Check it out!

9:31 PM 

9:22 PM In the 3rd congressional district, Representative Jon Runyan (R) is successfully fending off Democratic challenger Shelley Adler, 54.4% to 44.8%. 


8:57 PM Democrat Bob Menendez wins senate seat! 

8:35 PM False alarm! NJ is blue. YAY!

8:33 PM Still early. This has got to turn around in NJ. Can we say Sandy?

8:29 PM Blue state no more?! Is Romney leading in NJ?

8:19 PM Could Obama win but still lose the popular vote

8:13 PM Waiting for a blue NJ at Huffpost Elections Results graphic

8:05 PM And...the polls are closed! 

7:10 PM The 10 most islamophobic moments of this election season: here. Thanks Salon! 

7:05 PM Another storm? AHHH!! Nor'easter expected to hit our area around midday tomorrow. Think we will know who's president by then? 

7:00 PM So many without power STILL and so much suffering after Sandy. Do not forget!

Tim Aubry / Reuters

Utility trucks and first responders navigate flood waters on the main stretch of road in Peahala Park, N.J., in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, in this photograph taken on October 30, 2012 and released on Oct. 31.

6:58 PM Sandy will make it hard to count ballots! 

6:54 PM Serious voting chaos in Monmouth County. Lot's of bipartisan finger-pointing! 

6:17 PM Jersey pride! 


5:55 PM This is fun! Predict your own election results at POLITICO! 

5:51 PM How do you think Sandy will affect this election? 

(Photo : Reuters) U.S. President Barack Obama hugs North Point Marina owner Donna Vanzant as he tours damage done by Hurricane Sandy in Brigantine, New Jersey, October 31, 2012. At left is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Putting aside partisan differences, Obama and Christie toured storm-stricken parts of New Jersey together on Wednesday, taking in scenes of flooded roads and burning homes in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy.

5:47 PM NJ voters #WhyIVote 

5:25 PM Hotmail for voting? An NJ election official uses his personal email account to collect ballots! Does that sound secure to you? 

5:21 PM NJ polls close at 8  pm EST. So you still have time! 

4:14 PM


4:10 PM Deadline to vote by fax or email extended until 5 pm today! 

3:51 PM


3:40 PM Wanna find out how NJ's email/fax voting went? Listen to this short segment from this morning's Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC. 

11:36 AM "So far, there hasn’t been much of a contest in the state, where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by about 700,000 votes." Star Ledger writes that NJ's votes likely to go to Obama. 

11:33 AM So how many electoral votes does NJ have? Find out here

10:13 PM Many of you have moved around the state since the storm. Confused about where to vote tomorrow? Don't be! Reach out local board of elections to ensure a smooth voting day.

10:04 PM Sandy bring Sprinsteen and Christie together for a unique moment. Maybe more to  come? 

9:57 PM Check out tonight's show on HLN: Dr. Drew tackles the aftermath of Sandy and how  those affected and first responders can deal with PTSD

 8:21 PM To the people of NJ: times are tough but we will get through this! And the first step towards a better future is to vote your values at the polls tomorrow. Check this site to find out where to vote: