Presidential Polls 2012: Race is Tied, But These 8 Videos Will Doom Mitt Romney


The presidential polls for the 2012 election show a dead heat between Mitt Romney and President Obama. Real Clear Politics average shows President Obama leading by .4%.  Rasmussen reports has Romney up by 1, which is within the margin of error. Pew Research has President Obama up by 3. has a poll simulator that takes all the battleground states and runs 10,000 simulations. Romney wins a certain percent of the time, but loses in most simulations. Run your own simulations a few times. 


So why has Romney been unable to seal the deal?  Looking at his failed run for the Senate against Ted Kennedy and a few other issues will explain why Romney has had such problems. Kennedy said, "On abortion, Mitt Romney is not pro-choice, he's multiple choice." This statement is as true today as it was back then. Romney has held every position on every issue, is not operating from a set of core principles, and he flip-flops to tell whomever is in the room what they want to hear. Mitt Romney cannot be trusted. That is why voters are unwilling to get behind him.

Beyond pure flip-flopping, Mitt Romney expressed more than 533 lies in 30 weeks. Steve Benen catalogues them in 15 volumes here. Romney can't be trusted on anything, let alone the nuclear arsenal.

As a business owner, I thought I'd be into Romney, but then once I researched a bit further, I am now solidy against him for this main reason. During the primaries, Republicans called Romney the "etch-e-sketch." I like to call him the Mitt Flopper. He has changed positions so many times, on so many issues, that it makes me entirely sick to my stomach. We should not vote for someone with such inconsistent and wavering leadership.  

Don't take my word for it. Watch Mitt Romney himself.

Two videos have been released that sum up many of the flip-flops in one place. Take a look a these and then you can watch full videos on all the major issues below.

Take a look at Mitt Romney endorsing President Obama's bipartisan approach to designing the Recovery Act and the tax cuts that make up a majority of law:

Now watch Mitt Romney aggressively deny that he ever supported the stimulus:

Convenient isn't it? To be completely for something before Romney is against it? Half the people who like him just happened to see him say what they wanted to hear before he said something else.

What about health care? The individual mandate was the most concerning to Republicans.  Watch Romney explain how the individual mandate is essential to get everyone coverage and lower costs. You can see Romney on stage in the 2008 Republican primaries proposing this go national.

President Obama hired Mitt Romney's health care team to write an enhanced national plan with more cost cutting measures. In the second decade, this law is in place it may save us about a trillion dollars in health care costs. This decade, it will save us nearly 100 billion dollars and provide coverage to 30 million or more people. These numbers move in the right direction in such a big way that I can't even comprehened them. Well, watch Romney's team, who wrote Romneycare and now works for Obama. They are pissed.

Watch how many positions Romney has taken on abortion. Whoever is president in the next term will get to choose a few Supreme Court justices. Women, you may lose your rights.

For women readers, I explain more about why the Supreme Court should be your biggest concern here. You will more concerned to know that Paul Ryan co-sponsored a bill with Todd Akin that defines rape more narrowly and takes away women's rights. I cover that here

Romney has given us every reason in the world not to trust him so, I won't. Sure, there are a few things I don't like about President Obama, but I can trust him and he's got us going in the right direction.