Tired of Netflix and Hulu? Try these other streaming services for your holiday binge.


The biggest thing that Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other paid streaming giants offer is an ad-free experience. But the tradeoff is having to search for precious needles amid the haystack of their aggressively pushed original content, as well as outmaneuvering their predictive, pigeonholing algorithms. Or, you can withstand the odd 30-second commercial interruption, look at it as a built-in bathroom break and explore the bountiful outlying regions of your Roku (or Apple TV or Amazon Fire) device’s channel menu.

In time for a holiday season full of network hiatuses and idle hours indoors, here is a handful of recommended, largely free-to-access streaming channels that should provide the pure thrill of discovery as you scour their queues and unearth cult gems and old favorites.

The service: Tubi TV

The service: Wicked Horror

The service: Baby Boomer TV

The service: SnagFilms/SnagXtreme

The service: Shout Factory TV