Who Won the Election: President Obama Wins, Calls on Republicans to Come Together


Who won the 2012 election? President Obama won re-election as CNN called Ohio for President Obama at 11:18 PM on November 6th. Mitt Romney fought an excellent fight and was qualified for the job. Romney is a very talented and succesful individual. However, the economy was not as bad as it would need to be for Romney to win. Enough people felt enough improvement that President Obama did not face mass attrition on the key issue of the election.

America would not have gone down the tubes had Romney been elected. I would not have to move to Canada if Romney won. While he pulled extreme for the primaries and then changed all his positions to shift towards the middle, I don't think he would have led from the extreme. The Senate would have been held by the Democrats and Romney would likely have pursued a course that would have solidly engaged them. As the election progressed, Romney stopped making gaffes and he became stronger on all levels. By the end of the election process, Romney was qualified to be President. He would have led well.

Republicans in Congress entirely lost my support as they blocked debate on all jobs legislation over the past few years. However, there are many things that I agree with more moderate Republicans on. In the past, before the Republicans shifted far to the right; I voted for many Republican candidates.   

Today, I think we will require all Americans, Congress, and the President to make America even greater. Already, we are a bright spot in the world. Europe has fallen back into recession. In global context, we are doing well. We can and will do better if all of us work together to the best of our abilities.  

President Obama understands after a very difficult election that he really must build better relationships with Republicans in Congress. Clinton described the debates and running for his second term as what really made him sharpen his presidency. President Obama is at that moment where his presidency may mature and he'll build on the best of his successes. 

You are here reading my article from a seat in America. You and I are on the same team. I don't care what party you are from. You may be an American Republican, or an American Democrat, but your country comes first; not your party.  

The election is over, but building America is not over. My intention is to remain engaged after the election with a bipartisan team that is focused on generating real solutions. Follow me on Twitter @JoinTeamAmerica. My political belief is that both conservatives and liberals can go too far. Both need each other's perspective to yield smart results. Let's remain engaged in the process. Let's not drop this as an election ends. Elections are the lowest form of involvement in American politics. Let's remain involved in our Democracy. 

All of us. You, me, let's go forwards together. We are already the bright spot in the world.  Let's make it brighter by working together.